A.i Attack issues for VR game

I am attempting to build a game for the Gear VR, so far I have it working with the Gear VR and have set up with a global menu back button etc, also I have now a working A.I enemy character, this character is setup to move towards the player on start of the level, its a kind of wave scenario, where the player will be in the centre of the map and waves of enemies will attack from all around, the player cannot walk about but can turn to view 360 and will have a cross hair in the middle of the view to aim at the enemies and shoot, this is just a uni project also I’m keeping the scope small, however, I have the A.I animated and setup to move towards the player, on catching the player within a distance I want the ai to attack, I have it all set up in blue print to do this, however, is does not work, when up close to the player I want an attack montage to play, but instead it just stands still, no attack, this very same setup works in another 3rd person game but fails in the VR game!
I’m wondering if its because I don’t have a main character model ?
but if that’s the case then surely they A.i would not be able to move towards me ?

Any advice would be great!

Hey there, are you using a move to from behavior trees? If so, what is the acceptance radius you have and what are you moving to?