A greenscreen material that receives shadows ?

Hi Folks - I’m doing some rendering using Unreal to bring into AfterEffects for compositing… it’s working fairly well.

My greenscreen material for the background is very, very simple…

Here is the thing though, I’d like to capture the shadows on the floor as part of the render. But because my material is emissive, it doesn’t receive shadows.

Is there any way that an emissive material can receive shadows?

Or perhaps there a transparent material that can receive shadows only, or another way?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Why that material is transparent?

The short answers is no, since an emissive material is supposed to simulate emitting light and therefore any shadow would be cancelled out. The only way to do so would be via an opaque lit material.

I’d just like to say that that is probably the most genius thing I’ve heard in a long time, to use a green screen thing in-game for editing.