A good soft body / cloth plugin?

I found about flex and wondering if it still works on 4.25? Is there something easier to use or other ones?

As you probably know, it doesn’t seem like soft bodies are supported by the NVcloth implementation currently in engine.
I suppose that viable alternatives would have to be full engine branches:

Using the Flex branch you should be able to create a Flex Actor, You won’t find much in the way of tutorials or how-to. I played with the custom branch for about a day and decided against continuing with it since it’s stuck at whatever version they release and not updated with current engine releases.

Alternatively, for what I was looking at at the time, the effect can be faked with a shader in simple situations. My use case would have been a gelatinous cube, so that worked wonderfully vs having a custom engine.

There is one on the marketplace you might try. Not super cheap.

After looking at some Niagara features, I think you can effectively fake the soft body with Niagara and a mesh…

I actually think maybe Niagara cloth is a possibility too.
bascially it lands itself a lot better to HLSL and manipulating vertices… it can take in outside parameters by reading it from a selected component, like the wind for instance.

and technically because of Niagara Hair the simulation work for both cloth and soft body is already “solved”… its just a matter of figuring out how to actually do it i suppose…