A Fun little first person shooter project I am doing a video series for

Its called Project Stray, it is a complete rework of past projects I have done before with the same name. I have learned a lot about how to make blueprints work properly over the last couple of years. I have also put a lot of focus into the level design aspects of arena first person shooters.

Here is a Steemit link to my Doom 2 level that inspired me to get my act together with further development on Project Stray. Steemit is my choice social network platform right now.

So what is Project Stray?
I am making an arena shooter with a focus on single player and coop game play that blends leveling and loot system with a kind of simplistic graphic style that blends Minecraft with Doom 64. Its a strange mix. You level up, you get better and better gear and weapons. There is support for character classes and abilities as well as movement abilities. There is a lot going on already and I have been work on it diligently for awhile now.

My goal is to make a working demo of this game with basic playable functionality in place allowing you to play through one area and experience the hub location.

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If you like what you see follow and upvote me on Steemit

Stay tuned for more as I will be making regular content on this project in the coming days.
And as always all feedback is welcome. :smiley:

Its time for weapon slot 3, assault rifles, sniper rifles and light machineguns.

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Nice Work …

Oh I am not done yet, so far it seems that this project wont be having any limitations like the previous ones I have worked on.

I give some details on things I want to see happen in the coming days as well as begin implimenting the heavy weapons slot.

The game I mention with the main character named Cate Archer is No One Lives Forever.

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Grenade launchers and energy weapons!

Project Stray - First Playable Level

Major progress has been made on project Stray. Video of game play will be up soon. I will also do shorter videos where I focus on how I did very specific things and explain why I did these things.

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Project Stray - Gameplay Footage

Watch as I play a very early version of Project Stray. I talk about design ideas and further discuss the future of the project.

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Project Stray - I Talk For Awhile About Level Design

I brainstorm for awhile about the art of level design and talk about Dark Souls style flow. I go into a lot of detail on different design methods that I find appalling or appealing. I think out loud for a bit about going with a flat sheet design method.

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Interesting videos mate.


This is my UE4 mod! I talk a lot about many different ideas for the flow of the level design while I show an early example of something I am working on.

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I sit down and play what I have been working on for so far. Lets play Project Stray!

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Cool! The movement seems pretty smooth. Keep it up :slight_smile:

I now have core functionality in place for the battle controller. I detail how it currently works and what I have in mind for the battle stages. I also talk about player movement reloading and clarity.

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Enjoying the DevvLog. You have a good point with Reloading. Perhaps it can be automated with an ‘Free Loader’ Ability that reloads weapons automatically for Specified Number of Cartridges (n) to Infinity (-1). This is our approach, gradually exposing a massive feature set as Unlockables, that would otherwise overwhelm the player. If we were to present all of these features upfront the game would appear clutter with too many features.

Keep up the Awesome work!

I just play the game for awhile while talking about its design. I do explain some details about its new features and development as well. But the majority of the content is just pure game play.

Project Stray is a blend of classic Doom and Quake single player with Dark Souls Single Player. The result is something new to the fps genre.

  • Not sure why the recording ends up looking like the FPS drops. I think it is how I captured the game play with OBS. While playing I never noticed slowdown.

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That’s an interesting idea! For now I have left reloading in as a mechanic but I have made changes to movement and removed the concept of sprinting. So far the game plays a heck of a lot better just from those two things alone.

Yes, Keep the ‘Manual Reload’ by default, but allow the Player to gain this Free Loader Ability after leveling up. I would have also keep the previous mechanics for movement and sprinting, adding the others as options via Ability. In our game, the team wanted a host of features that would bloat the game if presented upfront. So we’re implementing them as Abilities, Skills, etc allow the player to use them optionally. Keeps the team members happy and some features are too cool to ignore.

That’s a great idea! After all, I now have a free shift key now that I removed sprinting. I can allow the player to equip more than one ability too.

Project Stray - Punishment For Death And Many Other features

Alright! I have consolidated the two auto regen bars into one universal bar. I now have a proper death mechanic in place where you drop crafting materials and credits when you die. I made it so loot bubbles provide a set amount of credits when you loot them. I also added better highlights over floating text.

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Project Stray - How The Navmesh Effects Game Design

I rant for awhile about Navmesh and I go into a lot of detail about other topics as well. I also talk about progress of the project and how battle systems will flow as well.

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