A few questions about UObjects and Singleton

My project is 2D Chrono Trigger-ish (or Final Fantasy) with using a lot of Uflipbook.

The problems that I encounter, bugged me 2-3 days now. These question is very beginner-ish but I really need your help. Please…

1.I created C++ class inherited from UObject, and how do I create instance from it? I need to use it like Singleton.

I tried an actor object to “Construct Object” my singleton, and I cannot check whether it is instanced really or not.

I also tried Rama’s global access code

something is not enough to do what i want.

I need to use it from my Singleton during runtime too. Using value (or reference) from data in my Singleton…

2.Inside my UObject based Singleton, there are manager classes, which inherited from UObject. one of them is called Animation Manager,

which I used it to store a lot of Flipbooks by TMap (by accessing through UFUNCTION). The problem is… when my player actor use this Animation Manager’s flipbook

through my Singleton, it crashes my Unreal Engine, and I have to delete Binary folder in order to open Unreal Engine again.

Is there better way to implement sub manager class? and how to use it?

extra question : When I play the scene, GameMode1, GameNetworkManager1, and a lot of stuff pops out. I don’t really need them except camera, because as I explained above,

it is Chrono Trigger Style game, not FPS shooter. How do I disable them?

I am aware that I am asking a lot. I have been researching the Unreal Engine by myself and googling. those actions is not enough to get what I want.

Pretty Please. :stuck_out_tongue: