A few questions about Behavior Trees and my AI Character

I gave my AI Character a movement task and it moves around for sure, but it looks like it’s having a seizure. It’s too often picking random points on the navmesh that are too close to it and so it has to turn around instantaneously and again and again. How do I get it to only pick points that are beyond a certain radius?

How do I share these blackboard variables between the tasks, selectors, and decorators anyway? They don’t show up in the variables pane when I make a new task, and they can’t be found when I right click and start typing their name.

At a certain point, it stops moving but still keeps picking points on the navmesh. Is this a known issue?

Hi man

About the random point that I answered to you before, in that blueprint has a radius, that I settled to 500, but you just need to enter the task and change it, here is the photo:

About the BlackBoard variables, you have to create the same variables to each Task and make it public, compile, and in the behavior tree section, you can mark the variable to your behavior tree, like this image below:

keep following the Tesla´s tutorial that you will be suceed!
Good luck!