A few esoteric questions on materials...

Is there a way to have a normal map/shadows on a translucent material?

Is there a way to rotate a texture sample at one specific angle? Like if I had a tiled texture I made but wanted it to tile at an angle (without photoshop wizardry) is there a way to set that angle?

Know of any good Tutorials for Ice materials using SSS like in this image: http://i.imgur.com/OlHzJs0.jpg

Thanks all, much appreciated

Transparent materials can use normal maps provided the Translucent Light Mode is set up properly:

As for shadows it seems that they will not cast or receive dynamic shadows only static (baked) ones.

You can rotate the UVs feeding into a texture sampler using the Rotator node. If you want to define the rotation in degrees then you could use the following logic:

The ice material you mentioned is from the elemental demo which can be downloaded through the Unreal Launcher (Library/Vault). Open that project in the editor and look up the art assets and materials for the ice bits. And in case you haven’t seen it here is a handy guide for using SSS: