A decent way to import VR TEMPLATE into own project

Im working on my archviz project and i need to import the VR template to my scene so i can use the teleport function proberly. Someone must have a decent answer to this.

I have imported the blueprints and imported the .ini inputs actions. But something is not activated or attached. How do you do this proberly HELP!

By the way. I am an architect from Denmark, and im trying to figure out a good workflow for my future UE4 VR projects, so i can create VR products for clients.
I am very much interrested in some collaboration with someone who’s is a bit more into the technical stuff like the problem described above. If anyone could be interrested msg me here :slight_smile:

Look at the project here i am still working on it:

Cool house!

The teleportation function as implemented in the VR Template requires a Navigation Mesh (Nav Mesh Bounds Volume) in your level. This represent the areas you can teleport to. Did you already add one?

Once you add it, you can make it visible by pressing the P key in the editor. Scale it as needed to cover your entire floorplan. Each time you extend it, it will recalculate the areas you can teleport to. If needed you can also use Nav Modifier Volumes to block out some parts of your floor where you don’t want to user to be able to teleport to.

This said, it may still not work depending on what else needs to be re-linked, but this is a necessary first step.


I’m assuming you imported the VR template into your visualized architectural space. Did you hook up the inputs? Yes the nav mesh is mandatory for teleportation, that lets the engine know where it is “able to go”. Areas where you may teleport will show up as a bright green when you hit the “P” key. I have experience in architectural visualisation, and have worked on specifically what you are doing: using VR to view / navigate those spaces. You can also give the client the ability to move around with smooth locomotion, given the option to “walk” around the space, some will prefer that to teleportation.

I can collaborate with you, please send me a private message and we may discuss specifics.

It might also have been easier migrating the content from your project (As I’m assuming thats mainly meshes/textures/materials) into the VR Template, and then checking the differences between the maps.