A character from blender to unreal

Hello everyone.

Well the story is pretty simple.
I am a last year student in programming (understand I am not an artist :p) and I made a character in blender few weeks ago which is this one:

(you can see more render here: scifi, character, CG / The derezer - pixiv )

I’m pretty happy of the overall render quality in blender so I decided to try to have the same rendre quality in unreal.

So here is my result from now:

Obviously this is not the same light setup so I cannot have the same render style but I’m pretty close I think.
(I made some changes like the hair color or glowings parts…)

But I’m here for two things,

  1. Some advice to make my render better in unreal.
  2. An idea to modify make the same post process effect with the bloom.

PS: if someone is interested by my model I can give it to you for free without any restriction…

  1. place it into your level and add some lights (atm you just “preview” it) + you could add some more effects to your materials (dont know what you have already done in the materials) → e.g emissive effect, skin shading blend mode,… :slight_smile:

That view is for animation purposes of your character, not for rendering. So as fighter suggested, put the character into an actual scene and light it there. You should be able to achieve something similar, even better with classic 3-point light setup.

If you want the glowing parts on you character to have bloom, you have to alter the settings in the material.

For most other aspects, check the post processing volume.

Throw your character into the reflections demo from Epic, I’d be curious to see how it would look there!

Hum Well, to be honest I’ve posted this preview because that was the most generic place, everyone know how are light in this “scene”

here is how she looks like in the “default scene”

a second try using 2 directionalLight in a scene made by me with some reflections

and here at the barycentre of an equilateral setup of 3 default pointLight + skylight

(I made some changes in materials to be closer from the original render and looks cooler)
It seems kind of hard to have translucency+reflection…
BTW I have a wierd shadow problem that I can fix if I put the light in movable instead of static or stationary

it would be fun yes but I deleted my windows a few days ago, everything you see here are made exclusively on linux, So because linux don’t have launcher I will try to get it but I don’t promise anything…

What kind of shadow problem? :slight_smile: -> mostly it has to do with the lightmaps
Btw, have you set the quality settings to “epic”?

Yes my settings are set to epic and yes I also think that my shadow problem is a lightmap problem.
You can see the shadow problem in my first render where you clearly see that the half of my dynamic shadow is not rendered (is happen only on the character, the shadow work if I use the “grey unreal dude”…)

Can you share your light setup (position, settings)?

The issue with the light is within that setup and your materials. You have way too little contrast. You may not want to use a directional, skylight or point lights but spotlights instead. With some tweaking of properly set up lights you should be albe to create a much crisper image quite fast.