A bit confused about what oculus components are available with the binary version of ue 4.25/4.26


This is on the background of having used unity as part of my university course. In unity there is an oculus sdk folder with pre made hands that can be used and it wasn’t too complicated setting up the hands so they could grab objects etc. I was trying to work out if I could do the same in Unreal eg. do objects need to be made “grabbable” so they can be picked up? What motion controller components are available? What specific Oculus blueprint nodes are available?

I was using ue 4.25 (the binary version using the epic launcher) - and even though I had the oculus vr plugin enabled and oculus avatar enabled and the project launched on the Quest 2 - after doing some reading it seems like the sample oculus projects eg Train Hand Tracking sample and other oculus specific input controllers and components aren’t available with the binary version of 4.25. In blueprints when I went through the components menu there was nothing specific to Oculus.

I read that to use any Oculus specific components one needs to download the source version of at least 4.25 v17 or later. I downloaded 4.26 from the epic github repo. But that isn’t working for me and I can’t get the editor to launch.

So I was wondering:

  1. Does the binary version of 4.26 downloaded with the Epic launcher have the oculus components, motion controllers, etc. included (assuming all the plugins are enabled and the project settings are setup correctly)? Or is one required to download the source version from either the Oculus or Epic repos to get access to the components?

  2. More generally and to begin with, I just want to try and use the motion controllers to pick up an object - picking up objects with the Oculus controllers requires the squeezing of the two triggers on the controller - is this kind of behaviour provided in a blueprint node or with one of the components - or do I need to implement it? And if I’m trying to pick up an object/mesh, does that object/mesh need some kind of oculus specific component on it to make it available to be picked up, or is this something I would need to implement using collisions, etc…