81920x40960 texture on a sphere

Ouch, that is a huuuuuge material.
UE4 basically supports up to 4096/4096 (but can import 8192x8192, but will only mipmap to 4096).
So the only wayto get this done properly is to probably cut the texture up to 8192x4096 (or 4096/4096) textures and apply each section correctly/seperately.

I do wonder why that resolution is needed though, I could understand it for archviz, but a texture that size is so huge that no gpu can load it in one go. (Heck I just checked, and not even photoshop wants to save it in .jpg or .png.

I have an extremely large texture (81920x40960) that I need to display on a sphere. That kind of resolution is needed because camera can be very close to sphere’s surface. What is the right approach to make it?

I’m guessing you are making a virtual tour maybe panorama viewer? most panorama applications separate the image into individual smaller textures and display them according to camera rotation. That’s the only way I’m afraid.

Actually it is the texture of Earth from NASA site.
I was thinking about breaking the sphere into small sectors for 4096x4096 parts of texture (there will be 200 of them). But i don’t know how to load/unload textures in/from GPU. Is there any built-in mechanism for it?

Yep. But there will be 200 4096x4096 individual textures… No GPU will handle that much i think. That’s why I’m asking for help. Maybe someone knows the solution…

You can divide the sphere in many pieces and use level streaming