6 workstations with more than 100 cores/threads do not improve baking performance a lot

Hi all

We have 6 workstations in our lab helping us to build light in UE4. But the build time is still very long.

As you can see that many cores are idle in building time, it seems that many tasks are very short and the others are very long. It’s because there are some large mesh with high lightmap resolution in our level. Is there any way to split those long task into small pieces? How can I do that?

Thanks in advance.

Currently the only way is to break up the meshes into smaller meshes with lower resolution lightmaps.

And it’s also the best way to build a scene if you want the best quality!!! For architecture at least!

Also use the statistics window (window > statistics) and you can use the drop down to see lighting build info. Here you can see how long particular meshes took to build. This can be really helpful to correct some issues there to get better build times using the auggestions above.