50 textures on fbx model, in Unreal 10 only

Good morning,
I got a quick question. I’m trying to import a model into Unreal 4. This model has 51 different textures.
For some reason Unreal 4 imports only 10 material elements. Tried to find some guide but nothing worked so far.

Unreal is more than likely only going to import the materials assigned to the character. Sometimes I’ve had issues with textures not coming in because they arent in an fbm folder. So try to look on your computer for the fbm folder, and only 10 images may indeed be there. If you drop your 50 images in there they will be. Otherwise you may just have to import them manually.

Thanks for the answer!
Just found the solution: if you’ll change “normal import method” to “Import Normals and Tangents”, all 50 materials added. :rolleyes:

Kind of sounds like a bug, you should report it if you can reproduce it.