5.3 HDRI Broken?

In unreal 5.3 HDRI backdrops work fine in editor and standalone. But, once packaged, the texture seems to be missing so all I end up with is a box or dome with the missing grey material. I do not see any errors or warnings. I have tried this on multiple new projects across 2 different machines, one with a completely fresh install of 5.3. Can anyone else conform this is an issue or know the cause?


We had this issue in our Game jam game, I managed to fix it by moving all the code that’s in the pre construct over to Begin play, it did mean that in editor the backdrop is missing but when you play or package the project it shows up.

I guess in theory you could just copy the code and have it on both begin play and preconstruct.

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This workaround just works. Thanks a lot.

I had this problem, HDRIbackdrop appeared with default gray checker material in standalone build.

Fixed by getting EnviroDome mesh from HDRIbackdrop actor and just placing it into the scene manually (scale 3000+ with collision and cast shadows off), then applying custom material with HDRI setup (watch youtube for tutorial)