5.1.1 Hotfix Released

The 5.1.1 Hotfix is now live, with over 350 fixes for Unreal Engine 5.1!

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If you experience a bug with the 5.1.1 Hotfix, please follow the How to Report a Bug guide to report it on the Bug Submission Form.

Issue Summary
UE-168544 Audio works with only one Media Plate Actor
UE-168879 OnlineSubsystemEOS lobby attribute user ID spoofing
UE-171277 FOnlineStatsEOS::QueryStats only works to retrieve local user stats
UE-173047 Pixel Streaming Docker Compose demo is broken in 5.1
UE-173694 Intermittent deadlock and freeze when Pixel Streaming after 30 mins
UE-170093 In a listen server, when a client moves, anim notifies don’t get fired for the server/host.
UE-171057 Accumulation of OnEndLoad callbacks causing long cook time
UE-171310 Unparenting a control and then switching to World Space crashes editor
UE-171056 Fix compilation fail on DeformerGraphs with DebugDraw DI
UE-169238 Crash trying to interact with highlighted bone chain
UE-169362 Crash auto adding new IK Goal to the bone chain with unassigned start and end bones
UE-167518 Crash - Resetting Pose Target for Pose Driver
UE-170408 Sync node doesn’t work with Blendspace graphs
UE-169520 [CrashReport] Assertion failed: (Index >= 0) & (Index < ArrayNum) [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Containers\Array.h] [Line: 728] Array index out of bounds: 111 from an array of size 106
UE-171423 Incorrect grid interpolation in BlendSpace
UE-171639 AnimBlueprint Asset Open Crash
UE-171086 GC AnimInstance NotifyEnd Crash
UE-171154 Crash in CitySample using external linked anim layers
UE-173680 Static analysis warnings in BlendSpaceHelpers.cpp
UE-168356 Handled ensure occurs when creating a Linked Anim Layer node
UE-169417 Property Access: Using a property from a struct that is PinHiddenByDefault crashes
UE-170967 Ensure when drag-dropping linked anim layer
UE-168234 Creating a Linked Anim Layer node only spawns Anim Layer nodes within the Anim Graph
UE-168841 Crash when linking/unlinking layers in an anim notify
UE-169755 Duplicate menu actions are created for callable Blueprint function library APIs in an animation graph context.
UE-168530 Master Sequence Creator - Issues with Shot Prefixes containing numbers
UE-170860 Click selection of overlapping keys should only select one key
UE-170567 The Take Recorder Viewport Countdown is not working
UE-170517 Issues with subsequence camera exports to FBX
UE-169445 Scrubbing back and forth in sequencer using the Sequencer-CopyPaste_Possessable asset causes the editor to crash
UE-168962 Cancelling a Take
UE-170165 Lyra Ensure condition failed: false pertaining to MovieSceneEntitySystemGraphs.cpp
UE-171985 ProjectSetting>Level Sequence is not loaded from ini
UE-169382 Crash when opening properties of the key on Material Switcher track
UE-171036 Handled ensure after exiting PIE when recording with Take Recorder
UE-172687 If LevelSequence ends during a shot that includes a CineCameraActor, Player Camera is not reset correctly
UE-170243 Constraints: Reloading a scene with constraint seems to have broken the constraint and now duplicated it tons of times…
UE-169264 Reloading a Sequencer asset after undoing a Bake on a Translate Constraint Crashes Editor
UE-170693 Constraints: Constraint duplication on load
UE-171805 Constraints: Using Key button in Sequencer seems to keep re-adding the constraint offset or something?
UE-171396 Constraints: Constrained Hands not keying properly at the top level of curve or character…
UE-170525 Constraints: adding active keys not working with additive sections
UE-172040 Constraints: entering endless loop when recreating a constraint after deleting a constrained object
UE-173101 Constraints: Constraints with Spawnable assets not bringing Constraint Manager back
UE-171640 Compile errors in ConstraintBaker.cpp
UE-171677 Generic curve editor causes crash
UE-166476 Constraints become undefined after undo converting Parent Actor to Spawnable
UE-166354 Crash when deleting Constraint key after reloading Level without reloading the Level Sequence
UE-173671 Constraint: Crash after rending do to missing nullptr check
UE-173285 MoviePipeline: HighRes Tiling feature crashes at high resolutions
UE-173024 Panorama plugin for Movie Render Queue renders black images
UE-174396 Burn ins are not composited onto media renders using the MRQ
UE-168369 ML Deformer asset: Training complete but resulting network couldn’t be loaded
UE-169616 Changing the Default Audio Compression Type while an asset is open, will change that assets codec from Project Defined to the new codec
UE-169757 Soundscape Palettes with no playback conditions do not activate
UE-174146 Setting the Loading Behavior to Force Inline and changing the Compression Type causes the sound to no longer play
UE-173276 [Device Swap][Windows 11] - Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
UE-169340 Ensure condition failed: InConfigSystem->GetString(LAudio, LFallbackFormat, FallbackFormatString, InConfigFilename)
UE-169684 [MetaSounds] Constructor pin node icon is incorrect for enum types
UE-166392 Handed Ensures when Renaming MetaSound’s filename auto-updates MetaSound in any referencing graph
UE-168508 [MetaSounds] - Inputs, Outputs, and Variables are not allowing spaces in the member name
UE-170476 [MetaSounds] - Dorian Scale is missing the 6th note
UE-170321 Double-clicking metasound graph input widget resets value to 1, but displayed value does not change
UE-174959 [SoundWave] Sound waves loading synchronously in editor when loading map
UE-172131 [Soundfield Submix] - Assertion failed: !Enclosing block should never be called when swapping to Unreal Ambisonics while previewing a sound in the Content Browser
UE-172125 [Soundfield Submix] - Crash EXCEPTION_INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO when swapping from Resonance to Oculus encoding during PIE
UE-106091 [Soundfield Submix][Crash] - Unreal Ambisonics Crashes on Packaged Game and in Standalone
UE-170376 [Soundfield Submix] - Editor crashes when PIE using a Soundfield Submix
UE-169742 [Waveform Editor] - Changing the Edit time on a Sound Wave that has TotalSamples=0.0 can crash editor
UE-173565 BenchmarkBuild script executes duplicate steps if profile both xge and noxge
UE-172244 Ensure when running AutomationDriver tests - Ensure condition failed: UserRegistry.RegisterUser(MakeShared(FGenericAccessibleUserRegistry::GetPrimaryUserIndex()))
UE-172248 Crash running AutomationDriver Test with scroll interaction - Access violation executing location - FAsyncActionSequence::InternalScrollUntil
UE-170224 Functional Test actors from plugin get part of their name truncated
UE-171414 Can’t run Unreal automated test from installed build
UE-170739 Lyra animation stutter when character moves from side to side
UE-173902 AndroidFileServer hardcoded in template projects again
UE-172760 Crash migrating content
UE-171825 Editor crashes when actors using child actor component are loaded while Static mesh actor filter is enabled in the outliner
UE-170907 EditConditionHides on Member of struct, that is in Array, causes Assertion Failed when clearing Array in Data Table
UE-171308 [CrashReport] UnrealEditor-OutputLog!FOutputLogTextLayoutMarshaller::SubmitPendingMessages() [SOutputLog.cpp:836]
UE-171932 Intermittent access violation exception in QualityAssistEd plugin
UE-168829 Ensure opening or reimporting skeletal mesh with morph targets
UE-172083 CAD import crash due to high level of worker compared to available memory
UE-157085 CADKernel Tesselation crashes PC
UE-170830 [CrashReporter] UnrealEditor-CoreUObject!SavePackageUtilities::WriteToFile(FString const &,unsigned char const *,__int64) [SavePackageUtilities.cpp:544]
UE-172023 The migration tool don’t give a way to migrate engine content
UE-166158 MDL - Warnings and errors appear in output log when importing mdl files
UE-159510 Imported SolidWorks assembly animation very jittery
UE-170633 [3ds Max Exporter] Very long material name causes Importer to crash
UE-168880 Corona Opacity Map is not correctly referenced in exported material definition
UE-166972 Deleting entities with sub components in revit leaves ghost entities
UE-167246 Revit Datasmith Direct Link sends empty updates even when autosync is not enabled
UE-166387 Revit - Deleting array elements will not be synchronized via direct link
UE-165951 Revit - Deleting multiple objects isn’t auto synced on Unreal side
UE-165098 [Solidworks] MeshActor looses its mesh on Sync when Part changes
UE-166481 Sketchup - Chicken model texture is not transferred to Unreal via Datasmith
UE-170131 Solidworks udatasmith import misses materials when variants are in file
UE-170644 GLTFMaterialExporter error when cooking without editor content
UE-170717 Forest Pack meshes are labelled incorrectly in exported Datasmith Scene
UE-169815 Revit Curtain Wall Elements Export with Different Actor IDs when modified
UE-167867 Direct Link does not reconnect to SketchUp after re-opening .skp file
UE-162340 3ds max emitter name uses file extension (and should not)
UE-149596 3ds max - Body cutter not updating topology as expected via direct link
UE-165758 Revit - Decals on curved entities will sometimes scale inside the exported mesh
UE-165897 Revit - moving decals result in missing decal actor after synching via direct link
UE-166152 3ds Max - Datasmith ribbon not available on localized versions of max
UE-149604 3ds max - cutter body object definition not taken into account upon exporting
UE-168100 [Revit Exporter] DatasmithFacadeCSharp.dll is not digitally signed
UE-169795 MDL - Crash importing Basic_Material.mdl
UE-168831 DATASMITH: CAD conversion operation crashes with ‘out of memory’
UE-170317 CAD import - Retessellate makes editor crash in 5.1
UE-168396 Error when Importing STP file with TechSoft + CADKernel Tessellator
UE-172041 PLMXML crashes UE
UE-164956 [Solidworks] Animation is exported wrongly
UE-168645 [interchange] [gltf] transparency issues on models
UE-172259 Degenerated geometry with Sew and CADKernel
UE-169100 Revit 2023 is not recognized during the install of the Datasmith Exporter plugin with 5.1
UE-170666 broken normals on step import
UE-173413 [GLTF] Wrong rendering for AlphaBlendModeTest.glb file
UE-171558 [interchange] [gltf] import crash on cesium man model
UE-168984 [interchange] [gltf] Editor crash on import of gltf file with embedded base64-encoded texture
UE-169335 Imported OBJ file adds material slot on mesh reimport
UE-173833 Synchronous import does not work with BP or python
UE-170809 Retain JPEG broken in Interchange Texture import
UE-171660 GLTF importer crash with array out of bounds
UE-168666 [interchange] [gltf] geometry missing
UE-168141 Sub Levels not exporting correctly as USD
UE-170884 USD Stage - File > New does not create a new layer and not opening USD Stage at its root
UE-162466 USD - Selecting prims via Selection Sync doesn’t update the prim properties panel
UE-147149 USD - All animation curves on lights are flatten upon saving a key
UE-171227 USD - Fix test_materials failing on Release-5.1
UE-162325 USD - Fixup the assignment operator for UE::FSdfPath
UE-170536 [Dataprep] Dataprep editor’s material assets are flagged as dirty when opening a dataprep asset
UE-173360 [Dataprep] Crash when committing after overriding a material on an HISM
UE-169712 Preview Mesh does not disappear after releasing the Keyboard Shortcut
UE-172352 Source control python tests are failing
UE-169054 The Packaging Complete! toast does not appear after a package has been successfully built
UE-171644 Text in an Editable Text component remains unchanged when set to an empty value
UE-173475 UE 5.1 Localization warnings
UE-170004 Crash when delete array in row with the datatable
UE-168398 CrashReporter and Insights windows lose text characters
UE-173588 It’s no longer possible to use some characters (space, &,…) in the Widget Tree
UE-169413 UMG: Drag-drop widgets get stuck at (0, 0)
UE-167655 You can edit the default theme in Editor Preferences
UE-172458 Editor - Editor crash when ungrouping and moving assets to a folder in outliner
UE-173066 Content Browser filters don’t save their state
UE-167103 User Parameters and User Parameters Hierarchy windows are missing an icon
UE-167654 Closing the Theme Editor resets the theme you are editing back to default
UE-169534 Deleting a custom filter that is active in multiple Content Browser tabs causes a crash
UE-173990 Splash screen shows incorrect version when launching unreal engine from RelTestB launcher
UE-171589 Signing disabled in manual Release Builds in UE5 Horde
UE-172709 GitDependencies - Lacking Error Message Details on Download Failure
UE-170501 GitDependencies - Hides Error due to System.PlatformNotSupportedException: Thread abort is not supported on this platform.
UE-170349 File date/time mismatch from UE5ProgramRules and UE5Rules causes InstalledEngineBuild to fail
UE-169931 Generated Installed build Windows only quicklaunch fails because Platforms\Hololens\Binaries directory non-existant
UE-173432 Engine Build Version is still 5.1.0
UE-173228 Epic Launcher Build is distributing Unsigned Exes & DLLs in Engine\Source
UE-173226 Epic Launcher Build is distributing Unsigned Exes & DLLs in Engine\Plugins
UE-173224 Epic Launcher Build is distributing Unsigned Exes & DLLs in Engine\Extras\ThirdPartyNotUE
UE-173222 Epic Launcher Build is distributing Unsigned DLLs in Engine\Binaries{Platform}
UE-173221 Epic Launcher Build is distributing Unsigned DLLs & Exes in Engine\Binaries\Thirdparty
UE-172184 Epic Launcher Build is distributing Unsigned DLLs and EXEs
UE-171184 Generated Installed build includes Platform Automation.json files when not included
UE-170728 D3D12 DLLs should not be signed by Epic certificate when building the installed engine package
UE-168823 Build and hardware metadata and crash session are missing from the log file
UE-169706 Using Build Solution command in VS2022 causes build errors with UE 5.1.0-preview-2
UE-170063 UnrealVersionSelector crashes on Exit
UE-169184 Editor only soft objects paths are getting cooked
UE-171910 Stack corruption with weak object property getters and setters in Blueprints
UE-173586 Inline bulk data cannot be reloaded when loading from loose cooked files
UE-171003 TTuple can’t be visualized properly in the debugger
UE-168920 bPromoteOutputLogWarningsDuringPIE does not promote warnings to the message log
UE-171556 Infinite wait(s) in AsyncLoading2
UE-171678 UnrealPak crash on repack
UE-164800 Crash when opening a first person blueprint template
UE-170012 Filesystem backend cannot push payloads properly
UE-172649 Virtualizing a package can fail due to source control bug
UE-170874 LiveCodingConsole crashes with an Invalid Opcode on some hardward
UE-161017 iOS - Build failure - can’t find path specified - marketplace.dll in UE5
UE-172921 C# UHT fails to recognize delegates declared in another class’s namespace
UE-172213 C# UHT doesn’t issue error when a header includes itself
UE-172101 C# UHT doesn’t properly detect function parameter name shadowing
UE-172027 C# UHT doesn’t display the level of circular include file checking that C++ UHT does
UE-172006 C# UHT doesn’t require a trailing ‘;’ after a delegate definition where C++ UHT does
UE-172004 C# UHT doesn’t pickup comments between the property declaration and assignment or semi-colon.
UE-172024 C++ UHT and C# UHT differ slightly in how they handle combination of document comments
UE-172075 C# UHT allows for preprocessor directives in a class inheritance list
UE-172197 C# UHT incorrectly allows TArray<TObjectPtr<>> in UFUNCTIONS
UE-170815 C++ UHT generates circular inclusion errors indefinitely
UE-170817 C# UHT improperly generates a conflict between a function and a property
UE-173197 Poor performance when doing shadow detection in C# UHT
UE-173198 C# UHT fails to generate an error when const is used inappropriately in a function or property declaration
UE-168499 C# UHT fails to generate accessors for sparse data when child class has same sparse structures as parent
UE-172240 Improve performance issues when reading files in C# UHT
UE-172008 C# UHT allows TRUE and FALSE (case insensitive) to be used as enumeration value names.
UE-172082 C# UHT allows exponential notation in specifiers
UE-171886 UHT fails to detect recursive structure via TArray
UE-173321 C# UHT fails to generate errors when a UPROPERTY appears in a native interface
UE-173985 Root Motion broken on client
UE-171141 LogGameplayTags: Warning: Error parsing FGameplayTagQuery! when utilizing Soundscape Palette Playback conditions
UE-173174 Only exactly matching structures are considered compatible
UE-172710 Find in Blueprint causes short type name warnings and can stall the editor
UE-170888 Duplicate actions appear in the Blueprint graph right-click menu for AddComponent node actions when Context Sensitive is checked.
UE-171504 InstanceOnly UProperties accessible in Blueprint
UE-172915 Expose on Spawn option removed from BP Editor for User Created Structs after Migrating
UE-55663 Spaces in SCS component variable names carry through to the component template object name.
UE-172641 AbilityTask_NetworkSyncPoint can cause duplicate Gameplay Effect applications
UE-171406 Crash when getting input action value from a component
UE-170969 Various geometry script structs (eg all the FGeometryScriptXXXList structs) do not work properly in Python
UE-170422 GeometryScript_TextureUtils.sample_texture2d_at_uv_positions in python
UE-171047 serializing FDynamicMesh3 with skin weights attributes doesn’t work
UE-169716 [5.1.1] The presence of a named reroute node in a landscape material prevents the material to render propertly in ES3.1
UE-171960 Crash when adding LayerInfo objects to layers on a landscape
UE-169387 Don’t allocate landscape heightfield collision component scene proxies when Collisions display is off
UE-173330 Saving Level Breaks Landscape
UE-168633 The presence of Set Material Attributes in a landscape material prevents the material to render propertly in ES3.1
UE-170113 Assert when opening the landscape editor after having activated ES3.1 preview mode at least once
UE-169246 Assert when resizing a landscape with a splines component
UE-172394 Random crash when loading scene with landscape in the editor
UE-168457 GDK packaging fails if the project folder name doesn’t match the project name [5.1 regression]
UE-169934 Performing an incremental build on a C++ project in XCode creates a CFBundleIdentifier warning
UE-168424 NSMicrophoneUsageDescription in Info.plist fails to prompt for microphone usage
UE-159372 Lumen appearing with blue lighting on Mac when selected with a physical click
UE-168643 UnrealFrontEnd contains warning: LSMinimumSystemVersion of ‘10.9’ is less than the value of MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET ‘10.15’ - setting to ‘10.15’.
UE-175385 Packaging tvOS in Shipping Configuration Initially Fails
UE-166909 Packaging for iOS using Metal 3.0 fails to compile with Assertion failed: OutTargetDesc.version
UE-171362 GPUScene breaks movable objects on some mobile devices
UE-174867 Packaging an iOS C++ project from Windows fails with Game target not found. Game target is required with -cook or -cookonthefly
UE-170743 Fatal error when using TargetSDK 31 on Android 12+
UE-168197 Decal opacity has no effect on Android device with MALI GPU
UE-173781 AssetRegistry can crash trying to access directories on Android with PAK files
UE-168098 Project Launcher iOS DLC wizard Create Profile button is permanently disabled
UE-169212 Dns.GetHostEntry(Dns.GetHostName()) could cause error if GetHostName() doesn’t end with .local on Mac in AFS
UE-174364 Launching onto tvOS from Mac fails with ApplicationVerificationFailed error
UE-171899 IOS Packages made on Mac will not install on to IOS Device
UE-169443 Mobile preview crashes on Mac when Mobile Deferred is enabled and Preview Rendering Level set to iOS Shader 3_1
UE-171247 ‘Missing precompiled manifest’ error when building code plugin for Android
UE-168767 Crash in iOS WebBrowser with JS message callback after widget is destroyed
UE-173383 FIOSPlatformMisc::SetBrightness results in crash
UE-170079 Requesting Android Permissions causes an Ensure on Android Devices
UE-173021 Firebase needs update to deal with TargetSDK 31+ on Android 12+ crash
UE-172732 Android WebBrowser 3D mode with Vulkan RHI has a memory leak
UE-175098 Apps Fail to Show in Menu Upon Successful Quick Launch from Mac to tvOS
UE-173261 Packaging for Android results in an error referencing :app:assembleDebug
UE-172945 CustomDepth is broken on mobile OpenGL
UE-172305 Scene captures always use a SceneColorRT without Alpha so the Inv Opacity in A doesn’t work on mobile
UE-173382 ARCore: Camera Passthrough not working (again)
UE-168968 Excessive spam when cooking a project with 3+ shader platforms
UE-169274 Haptics not behaving as expected on Vive Pro
UE-162569 Hand rendering can easily render the right hand 18 times, leading to unexpected performance drop
UE-169219 HoloLens MRMesh crashes when collisions are enabled
UE-168431 OptimusTest - Mesh is missing material and animation after packaging for console.
UE-169342 Very Slow Transaction When Creating/Applying a New Material in CitySampleVP
UE-172650 Self Shadow Only option no longer works (CSM)
UE-170839 Brings 5.1.1’s TSR to parity to S23.00
UE-156104 Graphical issues and textures blinking in lyra packaged game
UE-167008 Fatal error: Consumed 67108864 lock free links; there are no more (memory leak)
UE-169811 nDisplay/MultiGPU - Material driven by a Render Target texture seems to not transfer correctly to second GPU
UE-172476 Velocity not written from translucent material when velocity is in depth pass
UE-169003 Server using -useperfthreads command line causes crash if rendering thread is required for function execution
UE-171049 Fix crash in FVirtualTextureTranscodeCache::GetTaskEvent()
UE-173653 Dragging in multiple Planar Reflection quickly crashes the engine
UE-170986 SkyLight is not affecting the volumetric fog
UE-169169 Crash after selecting Shader Cook Statistic on a Material in a project that has been cooked
UE-167771 [Crashreport] UnrealEditor-Niagara!FNiagaraSubmixListener::UnregisterFromSubmix() [NiagaraDataInterfaceAudio.cpp:85]
UE-168130 Niagara_Advanced_Particles has erratically flashing lights when entering the level
UE-171149 Changing static variables doesn’t change the compilation results
UE-171712 Crash when closing a Niagara System after toggling Performance view off
UE-165459 Exposed Niagara User Parameter Enums are displayed as Integers
UE-167819 Ensure/long hitch when attempting to ctrl+drag pins in scripts
UE-167083 Add Parameter button in the User Parameters window doesn’t follow UX conventions
UE-167961 Setting a parameter’s description in the Hierarchy Editor doesn’t generate a transaction
UE-167814 Renaming an emitter breaks references to its Emitter namespace parameters
UE-169013 Crash with ShaderParametersMetadata
UE-169698 Vector user parameters animated in sequencer stop working if their type is changed to position.
UE-169692 User parameters do not restore properly after animation with sequencer.
UE-169007 Crash when saving a sequence which is animating a user parameter that has been changed from a vector 3 to a position.
UE-169462 Template Shader Files Are Missing Final NewLine
UE-171966 Intel cards have issues when connecting over remote desktop
UE-168681 Saloon Lumen scene crashing on Nant Stage
UE-174753 nDisplay View rendered on 2nd GPU in mGPU (SLI) takes significantly longer than the same view in first GPU.
UE-157521 Point and Rect Lights on Mac do not cast or project any light
UE-166840 Lyra - Texture Streaming Pool going past its budget with material issues noted in-game when ran with -vulkan
UE-171261 Valid PSOs are filtered out from manual PSO cache
UE-171038 Cascaded Shadowmaps missing from instanced folige in Release 5.1
UE-170639 GPU crash due to invalid memory access when GetLightGridLocalLighting calls ComputeSimpleSubsurfaceTransmissionFromVirtualShadowMap
UE-168171 Geometry Collection Cache Mode recording that has shattered on the ground shows that Collection Freeze when switched to Play and simulating again
UE-160604 Chaos Crash in -game but not editor
UE-171303 [CrashReport]UnrealEditor-Chaos!Chaos::FPhysicsSolverBase::GetExternalDataLock_External() [PhysicsSolverBase.h:677]
UE-171427 Jitter on Cloth when running at fixed frame rate
UE-170798 Simulated Cloths can receive strong impulses when reset.
UE-171441 Cloth simulation blows up with nans when partially exposed to a velocity/force field
UE-170034 Performance : Geometry collection InitializeSharedCollisionStructures is slow for GC with high number of triangles
UE-168755 Geometry collection replication fails to replicate on the client
UE-171808 Crash when destroying a geometry collection at runtime
UE-168459 Complex queries and trimesh collisions returning incorrect materials in multi-material meshes
UE-173435 Very large triangles might be missed during physical queries on Complex collision mesh
UE-169956 Crash when trying to make texture arrays from sources rather than imported dds
UE-169691 ResourceMem pointer uninitialized
UE-169464 VT greyscale textures displaying as red in thumbnails and texture viewer
UE-173257 Virtual Production Templates still contain dependencies to SteamVR and Oculus deprecated plugins
UE-168926 UV light card labels display in editor but not on stage wall
UE-173606 TextureShare DepthBuffer access improvements
UE-172769 [Mac] VirtualScoutingEditor fails to load in editor build
UE-169402 Investigate stage monitor settings not getting saved in game.ini
UE-169315 Distortion Channels not displaying in loaded level sequences
UE-171607 Editor can crash when opening a LensFile
UE-170198 DMX - DMX Library performs below expectations
UE-168614 DMX - Pixel Mapping - Attribute selection enum dropdowns don’t work.
UE-167471 Contextual New Fixture Type option broken
UE-166884 Copy-paste doesn’t work in the DMX Patch Window
UE-167362 DMX - Selecting a mode in one DMX Library causes the mode being displayed in any other open DMX Library
UE-172559 DMX Pixel Mapping - Undo doesn’t work for common patch settings
UE-174169 DMX Fixtures - Duplicating fixtures in the level causes shared MIDs and prevents from rebinding to another fixture patch, resulting in broken source and duplicate
UE-168615 DMX - Fixture Mode Channel Span calculates incorrectly in UI
UE-168594 DMX - Library Mode settings does not get a scroll bar.
UE-172651 DMX - DMX Library and PixelMapping in some cases take needlessly long to redraw
UE-167220 DMX - Fixture patch multi select isn’t working as expected if a fixture as been selected from the left UI first
UE-166900 DMX - An oboslete warning shows in fixture patch view if a fixture only specifies a matrix but no functions
UE-167224 DMX - Auto assigning a fixture patch after adding Matrix function is not working on the first try
UE-170844 LiveLink preset exec commands broken when used with some command line
UE-173648 Capture immediate drops frame for no reason
UE-172723 Media I/O - Capture option Crop/Center return on the top left instead
UE-170134 Aja media source picker doesn’t show SDI port
UE-166928 Media output audio issue with drop frame framerates
UE-169641 Contextual Process EXR doesn’t process unless user picks an EXR file.
UE-167821 Remove Remote Control Behavior Blueprint from Create Asset Menu for 5.1
UE-139273 Dynamic Material Instance - Copy to Original does not immediately update value in original material instance if it’s open
UE-169991 Stage App - Flags can’t be created from the app without flickering
UE-170606 Stage App - CCWs are created at wrong coordinates
UE-172452 Duplicate RCP Controllers retain the Id of the Template RCP Controller
UE-172451 Changing Exposed Color from Array in RCP causes Undo/Redo to stop working
UE-172453 Duplicating RCP does not recache the Labels to Ids (i.e. CacheLabels not called in PostLoad)
UE-169570 ICVFX Panel - Translucent Sort Order Is Sometimes Incorrect
UE-164819 nDisplay - Editor crash when clicking on actors in the ICVFX Panel viewport
UE-165881 UV lightcard translucency sort priority not working as expected.
UE-169175 RootActorOwner is not always set for DisplayClusterLightcardActors
UE-170077 Missing scope lock for syncdata
UE-173537 TextureShare Samples and SDK missing in Extras\VirtualProduction folder
UE-171232 nDisplay MRQ support for user defined eye points broken/unsupported
UE-174773 Missing API for nDisplay custom data share
UE-170208 ICVFX Panel - Proxies are added to renderer multiple times
UE-167800 Interactive changes from In-Camera VFX widgets are not transacting to nDisplay until mouse is released
UE-169015 Editor crashes when adding an actor with no nDisplay config selected inside In-Camera VFX window
UE-165973 Color modes RGB/HSV are inverted in In-Camera VFX Color grading properties
UE-165871 ICVFX Panel widgets missing reset buttons
UE-169328 Color Correct Regions (and windows) blocking objects in cryptomatte passes
UE-173558 Multi-User - Assert after non-persisting nDisplay configurator changes from a sub-level
UE-170974 Sequencer Playlist - Triggering a playlist will crash every other editor on a Multi-user session
UE-174166 Switchboard Unable to Launch Multi-User Slate Server in Launcher Builds
UE-172172 Crash on saving map containing VCamComponent
UE-172617 VCamActor Widget is added to Viewport Multiple Times
UE-171473 VCam Actor is missing its Output Provider by default
UE-108144 Vcam - Search Actor does not show result for VCamActor
UE-150684 When enabling VCam in a MU session, users not assigned a VP role will also control the VCam
UE-168482 Alt-F4 while in VR Mode causes editor crash
UE-167744 Can’t exit Virtual Scouting until interaction profile promise is fulfilled
UE-174127 Fix crash in HLOD cmdlet related to landscape
UE-168649 Fix Replace Actor causing invalid content bundle id
UE-168651 Crash when attempting to Make Current Data Layer(s) with a deleted Data Layer
UE-166947 Deleting a Data Layer through context menus retains the deleted layer’s properties in the Data Layer Outliner’s Details panel
UE-168486 Pinned state on unloaded actors is not available