4Chan trolls are attempting to turn the hashtag into a neo-nazi symbol.....…bash-the-hash/

Dear lord, plz don’t make this successful. I know they are just trolls and that most people (probably) won’t take this seriously, but after sjws succeeded in getting the “ok” sign declared a hate symbol anything could happen. Can you imagine the mayhem that would happen if it actually started becoming unacceptable to use the # symbol? Or if google removed it from it’s search results and it was no longer included on keyboards? Yes I know that sounds far fetched but then again we live in crazy town now so anything is possible…-_-

*"The far-right campaign, dubbed “Bash the Hash,” a play on the anti-fascist term “Bash the Fash,” aims to remove the ability of sites like Twitter to use the popular symbol.

“It will be a perfect win-win situation,” the user adds. “Either Twitter will have to accept blatant Nazism on its forums or it will effectively have to find a way to get rid of the site’s core mechanics.”*

Dear lord…

After the #, we will make *numbers *and the *alphabet *itself the new hate symbols. Books will be burned, schools will close, grammar teachers will be burned at the stake, … its going to be awesome.

Now, let’s be real, the fault lies all in the mainstream media. They know all this is bs, but they go with it, just for the clicks.

Are people actually taking the OK sign as a hate symbol seriously?
I heard of that recently and could not see how it is even possible, it’s even a sign language for the deaf symbol for OK

Recently some StarCraft team got punished because one of it’s members used the OK sign after a victory or something. I think Blizzard banned the use of it afterward. So yes the OK symbol is now legit considered a hate symbol that can actually get you into trouble.

EDIT: A quick googling brought this up:

So - On the topic of the top post. Looks like twitter is looking at banning white supremacists from the platform. Which I really hope they do.

Lol hope it work, these guys are so fun

How about letting all the haters stay on Twitter / Facebook / Snap and all the rest, and just ban the platforms?.. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, its impossible whac-a-mole. Plus leaked emails show tech firms make serious $ off toxic content.
But Its the ‘AI’ I feel really sorry for. The lowly-paid ‘Human-Mods’ (often hidden away in backwater countries)… :eek:

Stop giving the trolls attention. Ignorance is Bliss.

Well, Sweden is considering baning same runes, which for those who don’t know, are just an alphabet. So, my previous post is really turning reality. It’s just a matter of time before they also decide to ban certain numbers and letters from the modern alphabet, starting with 1, 4, 8, A, H, M, W, and so on.

Since there are dozens if not more books about runes, will they ban them or even burn them? Hell yeah.