41K tris for the new "Mannequin" in 4.8

I just saw the new “blue guy” which is no longer blue has 41K polygons :eek: 41000!

Don’t you think this is a bit too much? The old blue guy had 5000 polys. With 41K polys we can no longer use the new mannequin for prototyping anything where we have a bit more than one of these running around. And for mobile now the mannequin can never be used, because even once 41K tris for a char is a bit too much.

If anything it should be more. :wink: As a number it is much closer to the expected count for a hero model that adds proper weight to the expected performance curve. For that mater sample files should be supplied based on expected max quality as anyhintg else would be a cheat. :smiley:

Although the Kit Demo shows that not few users have difficulties with handling the “max quality” :slight_smile:

Cant you just migrate the blue guy from an older project? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I think it’s a good idea to add scale grade assets to make it easier to future proof a project where the deep end can be figured out via discovery rather than guessing. The kit demo is ten tones of weight in a single package and a polar opposite of the SunTemple would be very useful to test the performance envelope as the engine continues to improve.

Personally I have a couple environments that I’ve added stuff based on an assumption of how things should work as a sand box and is usually the first thing I check with every version change to see what has changed, aka regressive testing, or what was broken.


As a chuckle if ones box can’t handle a 41k player model they might want to give granny back her Kaypro. :wink:

There’s a free low-res version that you can download from Marketplace.

Come on guys… give 'em a chance.

41000!!! It’s a bit much. I start with almost this in ZBrush modeling HighPoly


Considering the range of projects being made with UE4 across a wide variety of hardware, it’s not possible to make that call. If your project requires high detail characters and performance testing then surely appropriate models should be created as part of the project?

Epic should be providing assets with UE4 that can be used to get any project up and running, not for final release or performance testing.

There’a also no Female Hero :frowning:

As TheJamsh said: There’s a free low-res version that you can download from Marketplace.

I can’t find the low-res version on the marketplace, where is it? The only category where it would make sense would be “Characters and Animation” and it’s not there…

Its probably just not yet uploaded to the Market, just as the Kite demo and updates to some other stuff of Epic.

Looks like Marketplace is still not updated. Substance plugin should be also there and it isn’t. I have another suggestion which would solve these issues, make that low res character default and high res model available on marketplace.

Hey all,

The low-poly “UE4 Guy” mannequin should be available on the Marketplace very soon … within an hour, or so.

edit: sorry, unexpected technical delay.


I just saw this little guy here just now.
this guy is much better looking

This inspired me to create an android.

Luny :3

What’s the poly count of your average character (if you have one)? This is not year 1995 lol.

Hmm I cannot find it.

We have an unexpected technical issue that’s delayed the uploading of the low-poly mannequin. We’re working on fixing it. Stay tuned.

(this is why companies don’t like to provide release dates, even when it’s as soon as “1 hour from now”, because something can always crop up) :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha. It was inevitable doomed to not happen the moment you thought “in an hour or so”. What can go wrong, will go wrong. :smiley:

Hey everyone,

The Mannequin is now available in the marketplace.

Yep, it’s released. Here you go:

It has 10000 tris which is still a lot, especially for mobile. Think about that the old blue guy had almost the half tris and was meant to be used on desktop PC :wink: The new one looks a lot better than the old one, but 10000 tris is just too much for being used in my (PC!) game, even just for prototyping. I think you should offer a version with like 5000 tris for people to download, because if I would be new to UE4 and would not have used the old versions I would not even have had the old blue guy for prototyping … So I don’t have a problem with it, but new users will have :rolleyes:

In my game it’s between 1000 and 3500 polys. Which is probably still be way too much for a RTS. I’m pretty sure most PCs in 1995 were not able to handle 2 million polys on the screen just for characters :slight_smile: