404 at GitHub

So I am trying to get the source code for UE4 so I can install TrueSky. However the link to GitHubisn’t working…

Any ideas where I can get the source code?

The install info is found here, incase anyone needs it…

Try this link instead. It’s the official one, your link is not.

The GitHub repo for UE4 (and any forks of UE4) are private and won’t show up unless you are logged into GitHub, and have your GitHub ID linked to your Epic ID. Check out

Michael Noland

Thanks a bunch, I got into it…
Now I just got to figure out what to do…

i linked my github account but is still get a 404 error

same error here, i cant get source code :confused:

Either login to GitHub before accessing Or, at the 404 page there is a login box at the top right.

The easy way is to download the zip file (middle-right). The advanced way is to learn how to set up git on your system, clone the repo and go from there.

None of this is truly easy if it’s all new to you. If you DL the zip, you still need to check a bunch of readme files for exact instructions. The build procedure is different for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Your first stop should be:

I am logged into Github, I’ve linked my Epic account with my github ID, I’ve logged in and out of both accounts, I’ve cleared and reset my github account ID in my Epic account (while logged into Github), and I still see the 404 page.

Any ideas>?

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

i have the same issues too? how long does it take to update your id in ue4?

Doesn’t work for me either. Is it just a matter of time? Or do you have to use the same email address for both accounts?
Does anybody know more about this issue?

Please follow the directions outlined below to enable access to the GitHub UE4 repo:

Make sure you enter your Github user name (case-sensetive) into your UnrealEngine account details, or your account will not be linked, causing a 404 error.

Solved for me.
Didn’t notice that I received an email from GitHub after linking my Unreal Engine account with my GitHub account. This email showed up with a little delay and it contains an invitation to Epic Games organization on GitHub. After following the link I had access to the code. :slight_smile:

I signed in GitHub,too. You guys say that I should linking Unreal Engine account to GitHub account, how should I do?

As mentioned above, follow the directions here to get access:

Go to your email and click the linking href.

I’m still getting a 404. Followed all the directions and even got an email from Epic saying that said:
*You have successfully added GitHub association to your Epic Games account. If you did not make this request, please [EMAIL=“”]contact us immediately. *

I never saw an email from GitHub though…how would I get them to resend it?

Hi quality,

If you have not received an email from GitHub about being invited to join the Epic Games organization there, try doing these steps:

  • Make sure you are logged into GitHub on the account you just linked to your Unreal Engine account.
  • Go to Epic Games · GitHub
  • There should be a button to join the organization on that page.

If you do not see a button to join the organization, try unlinking your GitHub and Unreal Engine accounts by removing the GitHub account name that you added, save the change, then add it back in again.


The unlinking and relinking did it. Thank you!

You need to verify the e-mail, i was having the sam issue, now it’s fixed