4.9 Preview, Game Jam Results, and More! - Live from Epic HQ

We get Mike Fricker to get on the stream to talk about the newest preview and also to answer your questions about UE4 and 4.9! Make sure to ask if what comes after 4.9; UE5 or 4.10. Get ready once again for a big stream to highlight all the awesome new stuff coming in 4.9!

Also we will announce the August game jam winners!

Thursday, Aug. 20 @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @iveytron](
Mike Fricker - Technical Director - @mike_fricker](
Alexander Paschall - Engine Support Tech - @UnrealAlexander](

Edit: The YouTube archive is now available here](

4.8 Preview, Game Jam Results, and More! - Live from Epic HQ”

I can’t wait for 4.8. :wink:

please till me, when u gonna add Real fluids and ocean simulation features inside the engine
shall we wait till UE5? :smiley:

Bah, typing too fast! Thanks!

Sweet! Can we get some info on blueprints being usable with the foliage tool now? The card says “Done in 4.9”

Also, any info on when we will be able to use different meshes for different ages in a cluster with the procedural foliage tool? Or perhaps just different meshes in the same foliage type so we at least don’t have to have clusters consisting of only one mesh.

Sitrec’s (#5) questions are really interesting for me too, would like to hear what Epic has to say about them!

Oh thank God. We have been “Fricker-less” for far to long.

Haaaa good news

Here are some questions:

UMG - What’s new in 4.9? Any plan on style management?
Replay - Is there any new stuff for this awesome functionality? Following UT code, they are doing a lot of changes to get everything setup, is there any plan to merge thoses changes for everyone?
Building Performance - 4.8 was hit by some Rebuild performance because UHT was parsing all the Header files even with no changes. I know that 4.7 changes has been integrated back in 4.9, anything other improvment?
Crash Report - 4.8 got an issue where the Crash Message is not properly reported in the logs of a cooked version; Do 4.9 have fix this?


Fricken Awesome! :rolleyes:

Could you talk a little about the new area shadows from stationary lights in 4.9?

How was the limitation of fixed penumbra sizes resolved? Are the shadows still stored in distance fields?

Other than looking worse with low-resolution light maps, what limitations exist for the new system? Can any surface type cast them? Can movable objects receive soft shadows from the static environment?

Will there be any updates to the hidden forward rendering options added in 4.8? Will those options be unhidden?

I totally agree, more Fricker! =)

+1 We need more Fricker

Just checking if the list of plugins for ad networks/backend(s) will be published soon?