[4.9] Mobile UI Materials are WAY too dark.. how to fix?

At my wits end with this one… I have some simple materials that I want to draw on the UI. Take for example, this custom Joystick Material - which is a super-simple material.


It’s added to the UI via UMG with a regular Image widget… nothing fancy.


How it’s supposed to look (Regular PIE)


How it actually looks on Mobile (this is in the Mobile Preview)


I’ve explained this problem quite a few times but nobody seems to register it. How do I stop this happening? I feel like this is something incredibly simple I’m missing. I’ve tried disabling Mobile HDR in project settings, but that has no effect on the User Interface and all it does is force the scene into super-ugly Linear Space.

Texture settings for the curious. I’m using ‘UserInterface’ compression since otherwise you get super nasty DXT artefacts.


It’s a bug in the preview. It’s not entirely accurate, it wont actually be that dark on target. It’s fixed in mainline/4.11 though.

I deployed to the device and it’s still just as dark (Sony Xperia Z1 and an nVidia Shield).

That said, I have seen the release notes for 4.10 and there’s a promising fix in there… I’ll check that out tomorrow when VS2015 finishes installing :slight_smile:

Yup, fixed in 4.10 - Nice :smiley: