[4.9] GearVR MSAA

I’m using UE4.9 with GearVR. MSAA is supposed to be enabled by default with this version, but I’m sill seeing lots of very visible jaggies.
How can I check if the antialiasing is actually enabled and working?

I too have the same problem. I wonder if there are specific settings that need to be enabled or disabled to allow MSAA to work properly.

Edit: I should add that I had this issue on the Note 4 both 4.4.4 and now on 5.0.1. T-Mobile still hasn’t released a 5.1.1 update and it looks like they may never do so and if any update ever comes it would be 6.0, who knows what problems that will expose.

I’m using 5.1.1 (snapdragon) and it does not seem to work on the note 4.
The same projects works fine on an S6.

Any feedback about how to check if it is actually working or not?

Setting gearvr.EnableMSAA=0 in ConsoleVariables.ini file does not seem to change anything in my case.

Any feedback?

Unfortunately, bug still exists in 2017 in 4.16, it’s been 2 years. Hopefully, in 2018 they will fix it.

not yet((((

Very interesting thing and I assumed that without core modification there are nothing to do. Nobody are develop under this platform?)

Why Epic ignores this critical bug for so long? or maybe it is Oculus?

I develop for GearVR now, but they don’t improve it.

on Unreal Engine? very ugly aliasing - I tried to use MSAAx8, device profiler Varta_GVR - Unreal Editor (219 kb) закачан 12 февраля 2018 г. Joxi
but nothing work(
or have you reconciled to this?

The problem with MSAA not only in GearVR but also everywhere else. I also develop for HTC Vive and there also glitches on the edges.

Can I turn on TemporalAA for Gear VR?

good luck, bro)

I haven’t this glitches on HTC Vive (for example clean VR Template). For Gear VR you just putting MSAAx8 or there are more things to decrease aliasing?

MSAA has a problem on the edges, it is a common “feature”. You can’t skip on this. The only way to skip it to use TemporalAA but it blurs entire view, not only the edges.

I just put 8 or 4, I personally see no difference.

I have not tried because for the performance MSAA is the best. I currently work on the project with MSAA and I had to remove some objects and reworks them, such as a fence or any kinds of the grid because of it oversharp.