4.9.2 Crash on FBX Static Mesh Import

Hello guys,

I’ve been going through a few of the other forum posts on this question, but solutions in those threads have been unsuccessful in helping me, so thought I’d make a new thread. Any help is appreciated!

This is the crash report:

Crash Log.txt


Try importing the same .fbx in the 4.11 Preview. This sounds similar, if not the same, as a crash that has been reported as fixed for 4.11. Let me know if it works.

Have a great day

Hey Sean,

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll go check it out within the next hour. The problem though is that this work is for a client, and I don’t know if he plans on running his project on the updated version of the engine, or if updating my copy of the project would hamper his ability to finish and produce the project, so even if it works on 4.11 that may not be a satisfactory way to resolve the problem :confused:

Thanks for the assistance

I did try it in 4.11, and it did work. Thanks for the help, didn’t know the preview was already out. Hopefully I can get my client to use the upgrade.

I’m glad to hear that the issue was fixed in 4.11 for you. If your client ends up not wanting to upgrade their project, feel free to let me know and I can grab the fix CL for this issue. This way, if your client is using source, they can merge the fix into their engine without much issue.