[4.8p1] Still same problem with skylight on mobile ?

Hi everyone,

I was reading TeamKingdom’s topic about the issue with the skylight on iOS with 4.5 or 4.6, can’t remember. I have the same issue with 4.8p1. The scene is quite simplen just a directionnal light set on Moveable with dynamic shadows ON, and a skylight. I tried static, stationary, moveable. i also tried to uncheck the Metal, or Mobile Hdr, well almost everything i guess… And it still doesn’t work. Anybody got a solution ? here is a screenshot to see the difference between the PC and the mobile preview. I also have a problem to deploy it on my device (iphone 6 and Ipad 2) but that is another issue, i need to fix the light problem before i guess…

Thanks everyone.


Are you sure this is a skylight problem and not an eye adaption problem?
Can you try adding a post process volume and make sure “Unbound = True”. Then find Eye Adaption and set both min and max brightness to 1. Then you will see the same values on PC and mobile.

Thanks, you were right, my bad