4.8 Unreal Example Character Retargeting

I notice the modified character is now using an A-pose. This isn’t consistent with the animation content in Ts.
I also see all the content is not showing as compatible with 4.8 atm.

Anyone know more about what’s happening in this area?
Will we see the animation content posed into A, or should the developer have to pose the new character to T?

good question? can someone give a hint how to properly retarget animations to 4.8 skeleton?

Can’t you just migrate the 4.7 character over to 4.8. Sorry I haven’t installed 4.8 yet, but I see no reason why you are required to use the 4.8 skeleton since, ideally, you’re supposed to be making your own characters and animations anyway. In fact that skeleton is designed for mobile anyway so it’s a whole different can of beans.

The A-pose for the 4.8 skeleton makes things more difficult. I am not an animator but I’ve successfully used retargeting for existing and custom rigged characters with the T-pose. Most (all?) of the animation packs on the marketplace are T-pose reference too. I tried doing the same with the new skeleton and while it probably can be done, it seems inherently more difficult. Especially for someone without animation experience or training or resources to get someone like that on team.

I hope Epic will consider providing a skeleton with both reference A-pose and T-pose.

I imagine the starter pack is being updated for 4.8, and that the other animation packs on the Marketplace will also need to be updated. Hopefully soon!

You can retarget the current animations to the new skeleton, see:

This works fine but I am having a problem with root motion animations. I’m trying to retarget the root motion animations in Rifle Animset Pro and whilst all the rotations look fine I’m getting quite bad foot sliding. I’ve tried all the retargeting translation options etc.

Has anybody else run into this problem? If you’ve any ideas on how to solve this or what I’m doing wrong it would be much appreciated.



It seems like the root motion issue I mentioned above could be a bug or a limitation of the animation retargeting. The translation of the root bone is not being scaled to the proportions of the target skeleton.

In the picture below I’ve turned on Show NonRetargeted Animation (so the yellow bones are the source animation) and selected the root bone of the target skeleton. As you can see they’re both in the same place. The new Mannequin skeleton has slightly shorter legs than the old blue guy so the root bone should be a bit behind the source animation.

Root Motion Retargeting.png

The skeleton Translation Retargeting options don’t seem to affect the root bone.

Hopefully someone has some thoughts on this please? Maybe Lina or someone else from the animation team will see this when they come into work tomorrow!



You can change pose of character inside retargeting manager, but it doesn’t seem to change much.

^^ thats exactly what I am talking about. Changing the pose of the character insider the retargeting manager is a lot harder if the character is in A-pose to begin with.

i changed the A-pose to a T-pose on the new character within the retargeting editor (followed the wiki documentation that was linked above). The animations transfer, but are pretty funky as the new mannequin has a wider chest, so hes arms clip his sides, and his legs are unnaturally far apart as he runs. I suppose further tweaking to the initial pose to more closely match the T-pose of the original character could remedy this to some degree, but I’m not an animator so I feel it’d prove somewhat fruitless.

Anybody have any luck with retargeting Animset Pro? Looks really wonky when I do it through the processes documented.

So I got this working pretty well with standard UE functionality.

  1. Import the FBX with the new skeleton
  2. Change all bones (through root) recursively to skeleton
  3. Change Pelvis bone to Animation Scaled
  4. Change IK sockets to Animation
  5. Change Root (only) back to Animation

Have not played around too much with the results but first impressions look pretty decent

How to fix those upperarm location after retargetting animations to new skeleton?

Pelvis needs to be Animation Scaled.

nope, it’s not working

I have same problem…

i need help Animation Retargeting (Different Skeletons) to the 4.8 one i did read it and im still haing trouble can someone please help me over skype iam new to this iam a noobie my skype is matthew.armstrong15 send me a message please

i got animations from mixamo and i want to apply them to my custom rigged model but before i do that i have to set up this custom model with the 4.8 skelly right ??

and this is what i read up to step 7

could you help me set up mine for my custom character please?

this is what i get