4.8 Unreal Example Character Retargeting

Is this still an issue? I just try to add the new default skele to Mixamo or anything else, doesn’t seem to work (4.8 or 49)?


It is with me. Not sure about anyone else. Saddens me that I paid over 50$ on characters that I am forced to use in 4.7 to get any kind of compatibility. I would LOVE for these to be updated as I use the Dark Military models and still nothing. Even after that whole “Follow each step in the tutorials” bit and then even trying my own retargetting, I get some chickenwing looking bits.

The only suggestion I would have, if you have Maya, is to export animations and then export the .fbx you purchased, try to manually set the animations that way, then re-import to Unreal. Worth a shot until these marketplace fellas improve their characters.

Did you managed to get it working? I have the same problem.