4.8 Static shadow problem

Well, we got really weird looking shadow after upgrading to 4.8.

At first, all static objects stop casting shadow. After messing around with some lights, we got back to the picture below. As you can see, the static shadow in 4.8 is extremely crude compare to 4.7. We didn’t really do anything out of ordinary in term of light setting. Some static lights, some dynamic, with one lightmass volume, and distance field on.

Hope someone can shred some light on this. Best!


Also got this error message: "xxx has been saved with empty engine version. The asset will be loaded but may be incompatible.

Hi KIllerPenguin -

The light Source that is supposed to be generating the nice shadows from 4.7, can you give me a breakdown of its settings? Is it Stationary, if you are using Distance Ray Traced and CSM with it? If it is purely static what is the lightmap resolution of your floor? Also what are your world settings for Lightmass in 4.7 versus 4.8? Also can you reproduce this in a blank project?

For the warning message that you are seeing, this can happen with converted projects sometimes, you should be able to open the asset and re-save it in the current project and not receive the warning again.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Our main light source is set to movable, so that it also cast shadow for dynamic objects. It’s also the main source of our shadows. Our terrain use lightmap scale of 0.5 to save Gpu memory space. It also take very long time to bake static light. I don’t know setting of my lightmass fr the top of my head, but I’ll post more about it tomorrow.

ps. The project had been resaved several times, the error msg comesup only when we try to build the project.

Okay I got it. In 4.8, non-Cascading shadow Maps is broken. Usually with 4.7 you can set Dynamic Shadow Distance to 0 and nothing is wrong with the shadow. However, in 4.8 this will result in many shadow disappearing.

For anyone having the same problem, you probably have to go in and readjusting all those Dynamic shadow distance settings and etc to use the cascade map for now.