4.8.3 Occulus rift

Is 4.8 going to get a fix for oculus rift? My project worked perfectly fine in 4.7 but I have been using 4.8 for the last month on it. All i get is a black screen with the oculus with stand alone, vr preview, stereo on (in standalone) or enable hmd ( in standalone)

I have a senior project I am presenting to the board at the university of Washington for Virtual reality development. So I need help quickly on what direction I should go if anyone is willing to offer. My presentation is next week.

I tried to recreate the project in 4.7 but ZERO assets show up when i migrate them. The show up in explorer but in the engine there is nothing.

My option right now is to completely rebuild everything that took months to make within a week…but I hope someone can shed light on a different option. Thankyou

I’m also experiencing issues with any version of the engine later than 4.7.6, I had to rollback (in Perforce) my project to 4.7.6 and re-add the assets, I haven’t run into issues with the assets from the newer versions aside from terrain collision. Source control should hold all the assets in their base form and only the project should change assuming you’re not using any newer features from 4.8

Could you explain how to run a preforce server in just a few sentences. I was under the impression i needed to buy a separate computer as a Storage/Server, and destroy my home internet bandwidth from my team downloading from it.

But i did rebuild my whole project from scratch besides the assets. Was an epic nightmare. Lesson learned…Dont upgrade when you dont need to, and always have a backup.

I agree setting up a perforce server may take a bit more than a few sentences maybe even an hour. It can be setup for a local computer and doesn’t need an additional server computer (just preferred). There are many more source control options available for free hosting online like git or svn that can take up to 10 minutes to setup for up to a team of 5. You’d be surprised by how little bandwidth it eats up to host your own, depending on team size, You mentioned presenting to the board of Washington University so I had assumed you had some sort of source control/backup. I apologize for the assumption and am sorry to hear about having to rebuild the project. How did it turn out?