[4.8.2] Inconsistent Crash in Packaged Build when Loading a Level

I’ve been facing very inconsistent crashes in my packaged build when I load a level. Even when transitioning between the same two levels, my application crashes maybe 1 out of 10 times. Everything works fine in Editor. I am attaching a snip of the call stack that I recovered from the minidump

I am using UGameplayStatics::OpenLevel. The crash is probably occurring while unloading the previous level. I can see GollectGarbage() being called in the stack. The final crash occurs in LinkerLoad::Detach().

LinkerRoot->LinkerLoad = nullptr;
LinkerRoot = nullptr;

I have been trying to identify the problem, but with no success.

So, the problem has somewhat been identified. There is a data asset being read. One of its fields contains the path for texture uassets. These textures are being loaded in my game mode’s PostInitializeComponents() through the StaticLoadObject method. Although removing this runtime loading fixed the issue, I’m still curious to figure out why it wasn’t causing the crash in PIE or Standalone.