4.7p7: UnrealStickFigure2D->LevelStructure4 has incorrect collision box created

UnrealStickFigure2D example content.

4.7p7->Copy in place
Collision box is too big and offset for LevelStructure4 vs it’s just fine loading project in 4.6.1.


The construction script is actually failing on non vertical/horizontal structures. Unlike in 4.6.1.

The SpriteWidth is set to 141 instead of 100 for LevelStructure4.

GetComponentBounds is giving incorrect value for non 90 degree surfaces?

I just checked this on my end, it looks like you have increased the size of the boxes, which does cause the collision to respond poorly. Can you change your transform widget to scaling and try scaling it down to see if it readjusts?

Thats the issue. I have not changed anything. All i did was load the project into 4.7p7 instead of 4.6.1.

edit: no, it does not correct itself if i rescale it. see comment above. Get Component Bounds ->Box Extent is not being calculated properly.

Unfortunately it seems to be coming in fine on my end. I’ve attached an image of what I see when I convert the project to 4.7.P7:

Try re-downloading the project, it may be as simple as a break during conversion.

I deleted the project from the Vault, redownloaded. Created a project. Cloned it.
One copy i skipped conversion, other copy i converted in place. Both show same issue. I can rotated any of the good columns/rows off 0 degress/90 degrees and they break.

edit: going to run verify on 4.7p7

Verify showed no issue with my install.

[  0]: Starting Installation
[  0]FCommunityPortalPatcher: Change State Idle->Patching
[  0]: Requiring 0 files
[  0]: Starting file contruction worker
[  0]: File construction complete
[  0]: Staged install complete
[  0]: Running backup and stage relocation
[  0]: Relocation complete 1
[  0]: Verifying install
[  0]: Verify stage complete 1
[  0]: Deleting staging area
[  0]: Reset MM
[  0]: Build Stat: AppName: UE_4.7
[  0]: Build Stat: AppInstalledVersion: 4.7.0-2440994+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.7-Windows
[  0]: Build Stat: AppPatchVersion: 4.7.0-2440994+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.7-Windows
[  0]: Build Stat: CloudDirectory: https://download.epicgames.com//Builds/Rocket/Automated/Engine/CloudDir
[  0]: Build Stat: NumFilesInBuild: 37849
[  0]: Build Stat: NumFilesOutdated: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: NumFilesToRemove: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: NumChunksRequired: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: ChunksQueuedForDownload: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: ChunksLocallyAvailable: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: NumChunksDownloaded: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: NumChunksRecycled: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: NumChunksCacheBooted: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: NumDriveCacheChunkLoads: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: NumRecycleFailures: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: NumDriveCacheLoadFailures: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: TotalDownloadedData: 0
[  0]: Build Stat: AverageDownloadSpeed: 0.000 MB/sec
[  0]: Build Stat: TheoreticalDownloadTime: 0 ms
[  0]: Build Stat: VerifyTime: 3:12 min
[  0]: Build Stat: CleanUpTime: 3 ms
[  0]: Build Stat: ProcessExecuteTime: 3:24 min
[  0]: Build Stat: ProcessPausedTime: 0.0 sec
[  0]: Build Stat: ProcessSuccess: TRUE
[  0]: Build Stat: FailureReason: SUCCESS
[  0]: Build Stat: FailureReasonText: The operation was successful.

Hi ,

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this. the closest I have come was increasing the scale of the actors. However the increase reacts as I would expect. Do you have any other steps I can take to reproduce this on my end?

No, sorry, Im just loading the project in 4.7p7. It runs fine on 4.6.1 on my machine. Ive rebooted, ive run most of your automation tests via the UnrealFront with very few warning. I dont see what could be causing this. I cant really say corruption because at 0 and 90 degrees the correct size it gotten.

What it seems like is the Component->Bounds call used to get the size based of base object, but in 4.7p7 it is now getting if off the rotated mesh. That is the 100x100 mesh on its side does have a diameter of 141 in that specific rotation. But i would assume some change like that should be breaking everything? That’s what i see from a couple miles up.

Btw, both 4.6.1 and 4.7p7 generate almost same exact native code, same with VM bytecode. Just pin differences.

// K2Node_VariableGet_293
// K2Node_CallFunction_9255
UKismetSystemLibrary::GetComponentBounds(FirstSprite, /*out*/ CallFunc_GetComponentBounds_Origin, /*out*/ CallFunc_GetComponentBounds_BoxExtent, /*out*/ CallFunc_GetComponentBounds_SphereRadius);
// K2Node_CallFunction_9375
UKismetMathLibrary::BreakVector(CallFunc_GetComponentBounds_BoxExtent, /*out*/ CallFunc_BreakVector_X2, /*out*/ CallFunc_BreakVector_Y2, /*out*/ CallFunc_BreakVector_Z2);
// K2Node_CallFunction_42040
CallFunc_Multiply_IntFloat_ReturnValue5 = UKismetMathLibrary::Multiply_IntFloat(2, CallFunc_BreakVector_X2);
// K2Node_VariableSet_172
// Debug site.
SpriteWidth = CallFunc_Multiply_IntFloat_ReturnValue5;
// Wire debug site.
(4.6.1 only)
CurrentState = 23;

I created a Blank BP project in 4.7p7. In 4.6.1, where everything is working OK, i sent the LevelStructure BP over via Migrate. Dropping it into level and its still off.

Seems wrong that something so basic is broken on my machine.

Blank BP project with just LevelStructure BP migrated over.

the project you attached has a level structure bp, but it does not show up in the content browser, can you send the level structure bp you are specifically using alone and I’ll import it in? It is possible that this blueprint is getting corrupted when you update to 4.7 as the project is not yet optimized for 4.7 given the previews experimental state.

Sorry i zipped wrong folder!

How do i send just the BP alone?

If you go into the windows explorer filepath to \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\content\ you can find the folder the blueprint is located in, then copy (in this case) the levelstructure.uasset, put it in a . and post it here

Thanks thanks :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Unfortunately this seems to be working as intended. I imported the files you sent me into a blank project with no other content to be certain, and this is how it looks:

What are the exact steps you are taking when attempting to move this blueprint and create additional blocks?

  1. Launcher → Vault-> Unreal Stick Figure 2D → Create Project
    (ive tried Convert in place and skip conversion)
  2. Launcher → Launch → Unreal Engine Preview 4.7p7
  3. Open Unreal Stick Figure 2D(v4.6) → Convert in Place.
  4. Move camera to a non vertical/horizontal colum. Picture A.
  5. Unreal Engine Preview → New Project → Blank BP template, Desktop/Quality/No Starter Content.
  6. Launcher → Vault → Unreal Stick Figure 2D → Create Project again.
  7. Launcher → open new version Unreal Stick Figure 2D project.
  8. Everything fine. Picture B.
  9. Editor 4.6.1->Righ click Level Structure BP and Select Migrate ->Blank BP/Content directory.
  10. Go back to Editor 4.7p7.
  11. Select Level Structure in Content/Blueprints/Level and drag onto default level.
  12. Rotate camera so Y is into screen.
  13. Select Endpoint, select red arrow, drag right.
  14. Even at perfect horizontal, defect is showing in that the collision box is extending beyond box. Picture C.
  15. Rotate off start axis to show how calculations are breaking down in how many boxes to add and how big collision is. Picture D.

Blank BP. → 4.7p7 Blank BP template project with Level Structure migrated over from a fresh 4.6.1 Unreal Stick Figured 2D project.

edit: typo


BlankBP level in base Content has the one added structure.

, you know what happens when you load the sample project in Unreal Engine Editor version 4.6.1, the BP and Level BP objects don’t show up in Content browser. Load it up in 4.7p7 again and its all there.

Can you double check your build?