4.7p3 I crashed the Lightmass builder

I was messing around with splines and spline meshes trying to find a simple repro for a bug with them I’m having, my pipe I built from a spline mesh was looking a little janky and I wasn’t sure if the mesh was broken or it was a lighting issue, so I rebuilt lighting and got this assertion failure.

[link text][2]

Hi Furroy,

Can you try deleting the swarm cache folder located in this folder: C:\UsersYourUsername\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine[Your Engine Version]\Saved\Swarm\ and deleted the SwarmCache folder.

Once that is deleted can you try rebuilding lighting and let me know if that worked?

Thank you!


I deleted some random test object that had been littering up my level and it built fine after that. But I’ll try this in the future. thank you.

Okay. Thanks for getting back to me. If the issue comes back please let me know and I’ll gladly look into it. :slight_smile: