[4.7] Serious Android Development Crashes and Build Errors

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We recently upgraded our project to 4.7, and found that we get instant crashes when attempting to load into a game from the menu screen we have built. We are not given any kind of screen or debug information despite running through Visual Studio on the device. We are explicitly targeting the NVidia Shield hardware.

Although there appear to be a number of issues related to Android crashes on 4.7 recently, the fruit of my searching has been [this forum post & answerhub link][2], which indicates there was a known issue with Opening Levels on Android prior to release. We haven’t made any changes to the project during the upgrade, other than switching the engine version and re-compiling. We also re-built our source files just in case. I must stress that using the GitHub build / non-compiled version of the editor isn’t really an easy option for us, but if we can be certain the issue has been fixed we may consider moving to it.

Here’s some additional details on how we’re doing this:

  • We package the game for Android. We use a Development Build, use Pak file and do not have ‘For Distribution’ checked. There is an attached screenshot of the build settings.
  • We install the built game onto the Shield Tablet and run the game.
  • The game immediately loads to our main menu level as expected.
  • We now attempt to join the server (which is a PC running the same version of the software), and we get an instant crash on level load. We do not however, get any logs on the tablet (perhaps this is by design).
  • This ALL worked in 4.6 without any errors, we we’re able to join and play the game.
  • When doing all of the above using the Debugger in Visual Studio, we get the same crash in the same location, but Visual Studio gives us no crash information whatsoever, so we have no idea why the crash has been triggered.
  • This is NOT a failure to join the network, we have tested this and when the tablet can’t connect to the PC, it returns to the main menu.

Here are the build settings:

Additionally, when attempting to build our latest Android version of the game, the output logs reaches the end of the build and then tells us it can’t find the .EXE file in the Binaries folder. When we navigate to that location in Explorer however, it does in fact exist. I have attached the build log in a .zip file.[link text][4]

To rule out any issues on NVidia tablet side (graphics driver not liking a shader, memory constraints,…) you should provide Epic with your Android logs.

Thanks ngrts, I’ll forward that link along!

I think the Tablets are coping okay, we actually cut out a lot of content since this issue started just incase, and there’s a new cap on the size of the package you can install which we never used to hit in 4.6.

Sorry guys, have to open this up again. The initial crashing was caused by our code, but it seems the issue of building for Android has come up again.

This is the actual issue we’re experiencing, our programmer posted the callstack on the forums. Something to do with the Engines checkf Macro potentially?

Howdy TheJamsh,

I spoke with our Android Dev and was informed that thPath problem error should be have been resolved in the 4.7.3 hotfix. Would you be using this hotfix or another version of 4.7?

As for the assert issue, an assert on device will not assert in VS unless you are in debugging.

Let me know if this helps with your issue.


Hey TheJamsh,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if that helped to clear up any issues that you have been experiencing. Be sure to let me know so that I may be able to further investigate if needed.


Hi Sean,

I’m attempting to do it right now, but currently I can’t seem to build or package the project due to ‘WChar.H’ being missing, whatever that is… apparently the file is an Include in PlatformIncludes.h

I’m packaging for Shield with DXT, tried other settings but they’re all the same.

Hey TheJamsh,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if you have still been running into these errors with your project since the release of a couple of hotfixes since my last comment. Be sure to let me know when you get the chance so that I may be able to further investigate.


Hey Sean, this appears to have been fixed in one of the hotfixes, not seeing the issue anymore :slight_smile:

Hey TheJamsh,

Glad to hear that the issue has been resolved. Let me know if you run into any similar errors in a later release.

Thanks and have a great day.