4.7 preview 5, Html5 build have weird graphical issues


I’m trying to build our Global game jam game into html5 with the 4.7 preview 5 binaries directly in the editor. Everythink goes well, the game is playable but somes sprite have their color inverted and iI dont know why …

Here the link of the game in html5 : http://sutivu.com/survive/SurviveTheNigthmare-HTML5-Shipping.html

I noticed when the we move the character down, the paper 2d flipbook shows the good color for 1 frame … This is weird beacause all the settings of the texture, sprite and flipbook are the same for the 3 image that compose the animation :/. Btw the environement sprite is not inverted and share the same settings too! (Maybe an Alpha related bug?)

Thank :slight_smile: and as allways, sry for my poor english :).


Hey Sutivu -

I have not yet been able to recreate this error internally, but as I am continuing to work on this issue, could you please let me know a few key points:

Have you tested the latest version of Emscripten installed?

What is the Sprite Material that you are using on your Player’s Sprites?

Are you using any material instances on your sprites?

Are your sprites unlit (most probable) and if not what are your lighting and post process settings?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hello Eric,

I have Emscripten 1.25.0 installed, I had the 1.21.0 version before on my computer.

For the material it’s the basic material of the egine for Paper2D, the instanced matérial of ‘MaskedunLitSpriteMaterial’.

I have no post process, no lights, and checked the ‘Use no precompute Light’

Here are the game sources : Dropbox - SurviveTheNigthmare 4.7.rar - Simplify your life

It’s a jam game (in 48h), don’t exept a clean Bluieprint project :D.

Hey sutivu -

I got your project and rebuilt and packaged it on my machine and I ended up with no graphical issues. Can you post your exact packaging and build settings?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey Eric,

I switched to Emscripten 1.29.0 and the graphical issue with the Character is done! However the turret allways have this issue, I tried to change the Compression of the texture from ‘TC_Default’ to ‘TC_UserInterface2D’ and it worked well!
In Emscripten 1.25.0 this compression change did nothing, now with 1.29 it’s just fine.

For my build setup: I use 4.7 preview 5 binaries who just came with the launcher, select the pakage on shiping and just build in html5 directly in the editor, nothing special (and Emscripten 1.29.0 now).

Hope that helps, for me it’s solved and working with 1.29.0 and compression setting to TC_UserInterface instead of Default.

Bye :).