4.7 Issue w/ Standalone Game + InstancedStaticMeshComponent

Hey Guys,

I just upgraded one of my projects to 4.7 and my Blueprint that uses multiple Instanced Static Mesh Components isn’t visible but is in the viewport or if run the game through the editors other modes. I did notice another Blueprint that creates Instanced Static Mesh Components does work but this one has them being created in a C++ class. I’ll dig into it deeper but man, 4.7 is beautiful from what I’ve seen at first glance. I know the updated BP editor is going to take some getting used to but I already feel like you are able to get everything you need right there instead of jumping from Tab to Tab, Love it.

I figured this one out. I’m guessing the order of things firing underneath the covers changed since it was caused by a typo of mine where I was relying on if the Actor was being built from the Construction Script.

But one thing I noticed right out of the gate is for some reason the rendering performance went from 2+ ms to over 16+ from 4.6.1 → 4.7. Not sure what’s going on there but performance got extremely bad for me. I’m going to take a look at things and make sure it’s not one of my own issues but I just ran a Staging Build from 4.6.1 and it was just over 2ms. This is ranging from 16-23+ ms per tick on the GPU. I’ll very likely start another post and I’m noticing the DebugGame build crashes on FShader::SetResource so I might need to look into that more but as far as for this post, we are all good :slight_smile:


MC Stryker

Hi MC Stryker,

Please let me know if you can’t work out the InstancedStaticMeshComponent performance change. If you can send us some example content that demonstrates this, I can take a look at it.


Hey , thanks! I’m going to take a look at this today but I did notice in two of my projects, perf went down :frowning:

I will go ahead and post this up on a new thread today and I may be able to send the project directly over to you to take a look at. I’ll PM you once it’s posted. Thanks , really appreciate it!