[4.7.6] Multiplayer & Blueprints problems

I got problems with the multiplayer and the blueprints.

A. When play with 2 players in a single process at end the error report give illogical errors.
B. With a single process if for example you got billboards looking to the different users cameras that cause light/shadow problems.
C. When play as Listen server work with some errors and no idea why are these errors.

Well then this is my list of problems:


*Sorry the 2 first images are inverted 2 is 1 and 1 is 2.
*In the image is the reports and the setup of the Classes.

  • Why are a Client -2 ?
  • Why are more clients than players ?
  • Why sometimes the client pawn 10 is with the controller 4 ?
  • Why the are 2 UMG per client ?
  • Why the UMG have pawn but no controller or controller but no pawn ?
  • Why the character don’t have controller ?
  • Why the UMG function get owner don’t work ?

*The classes have a check of isValid because in the multiplayer don’t work as expected and sometimes don’t get the correct pawn or controllers.

Can someone help me with my blueprints or if this is a bug ?

And about the controller and the pawn:
In the server i got x2 controllers and x2 pawn but the first pawn is controller0 / pawn0 and the second is null / pawn1 ??
and the controllers are the one pawn0 / controller 0 and the second is pawn1 / controller2 ?? and UMG x1 time pawn0 / controller0

And in the client i got x2 pawns, x2 umg and x1 controller:
The controller is pawn1 / controller1, the UMG one is controller1 / pawn1 and the two is null / null (empty) ?? and about the pawns the first is controller1 / pawn1 and the second is null / pawn2 ??

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Why the are 2 UMG per client ?

Each widget is a seperate UMG object. (Button, Text field, image etc)

But the check is in the UMG tick no in each element and i got more than 2 objects in each UMG.
*There is only one widget UMG created per client from the HUD.