[4.7.6] Mouse cursor visibility issues

If I switch bShowMouseCursor to true after it was set to false, I can notice two bugs :

  • it won’t actually show until there is an event (mouse movement or click) if this happens

  • on a Slate menu, there is no focus management (buttons don’t have hover effects anymore, etc) until the above happens

I tried setting bShowMouseCursor to false and drawing my own cursor, but in this case, Slate menus are not clickable anymore and don’t even get hover events.

I think bShowMouseCursor should only toggle the cursor’s visibility, not the behaviour of focus and inputs.

Hello ,

I was able to reproduce this issue on our end. I have written up a report ( UE-15384) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available. Thank you for your time and information.

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Following exactly this tutorial :

But mouse arrow is never displayed in my UE. Seems to be a similar issued if not the same.


Hi Rudy,

Is there any new ? I didn’t see the fix in the release notes for 4.8. This is game-breaking for us and we’ve been trying to solve it for months now. What workaround should we use ? We really need a solution at this point.

Hello ,

I went ahead and double checked on this issue for you. The status has not been updated to fixed.

You could use the “Get Mouse Position Scaled by DPI” to determine weather or not the mouse is over the button for the widget. You could do this OnMouse move. From there you could change the image on the button to make it look as if it is highlighted. You could then further optimize it by only implementing this function override only when the mouse is first shown and before the first click. I hope that this information helps.

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Any news on this bug being fixed yet? It’s happening in our 4.9.2 build as well