4.7.6 imported mesh distorts normals

I just upgraded to 4.7.6 to get my latest package ready to submit, and I ran into a serious problem. When I reimported one of my meshes to update it, the normals became entirely distorted. I tried reimporting again, doing a fresh import and nothing seems to fix it. I’ve checked my settings to make sure it is still importing the normals, but this continues to happen.This issue does not present itself in 4.6. Has anyone else using 4.7.6 run into this issue, and if so do you know of a solution? As of now I am unable to use 4.7.6 to submit my content pack.

I don’t know if this helps, but have you tried unchecking “use MikkT space normals” in the mesh settings? That was introduced fairly recently, and can make the normals look weird if enabled when it’s not supposed to. I make my normal maps in Maya and NDO, and for me it looks correct with MikkT space unchecked.

Mikk is the only way to have perfectly synced normal maps with UE4 though, you should definitely try baking in an application that uses it, like xNormal.

You do need to make sure this plug in option is checked in xNormal as well.


This problem only surfaced recently, with 4.7.6. Version 4.6 and before I had no problems. I’ll look into this new check box and see if it rectifies the issue. Thank you for your assistance. =)