[4.7.6]Breakpoint Visual bug?

Attempting to use a breakpoint in PIE with a player count of 2 has resulted in an visual error when calling up the blueprint window of the related breakpoint.

The indicated area in the upper left side of the graph in the image is the only interactive area within the graph.
Within that area, while hovering over nodes and values, the data popup is distorted and difficult to read.

It is repeatable and happens every time within my project.
The break point is in the tick of a custom UMG UserWidget blueprint spawned on both playercontrollers

I tried to replicate this in the shooter game, but that project doesn’t use UMG widget blueprints and as a result I could not.

Hello ,

This is a known issue (UE-14586) that has been fixed internally. This solution will be available in a later release of the engine. A link to the original issue has been posted below.Thank you for your information and time.


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