[4.7.5 Mac] Cannot create source project

I’m using 4.7.5 on mac (installed from launcher)
If I try to create a new C++ project I get following error:

Failed to generate project files. Log output:

Running Mono...

Setting up Mono
/Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.7/Engine /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.7/Engine/Binaries/Mac
Missing required components (.... HTML5TargetPlatformFile, others here...). Check source control filtering, or try resyncing.
Discovering modules, targets and source code for game...
ERROR: Rocket: No modules found to build?

How can I solve this problem?
Blueprint projects work without problems.

Hi ,

We’ve run into this before, noted here:

First, I’d like you to run a Verify on install through Launcher. If you still can’t create a code project after that, try deleting these two folders:

  • /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.7/Engine/Source/Developer/CEF3Utils
  • /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.7/Engine/Source/Developer/WebBrowser

Let us know if that doesn’t work. Hope it helps!

Hi , thank you, but unfortunately this didn’t work for me. Verified, relaunched, same error.
I had already found that answer, I don’t have two folders above. I removed these, as initial suggested:

  • /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.7/Engine/Source/Runtime
  • /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.7/Engine/Source/Developer

But still, same error. How can I further investigate problem?

Ok, creating a project with a different name fixed problem! Is there some sort of cache I need to clean?

Sorry, we’re not aware of any cache that would cause this problem. Was it a specific name that wasn’t working for you? Had it worked for you in past?

name was GearVR. Never use it in past (maybe there was some issue with editor first time I tried?). Naming it GearVR2 works. Renaming it GearVR afterward works too (but messes up Xcode targets).
In any case I don’t really think it’s name itself, I can create a code project without issues from a version of editor compiled from github.

Ah, thank you! It appears editor doesn’t like name GearVR for a C++ project. I was able to reproduce this in 4.7.5, but it appears it is not an issue in our main internal build, so I this shouldn’t happen in a future release, probably 4.8. I’ll keep an eye on this post in case issue pops up again. Please let us know if you see same thing happen after 4.8 release. Thanks!

That’s a bit weird, 4.7.5 compiled from github does not seem to be affected by this, but nevertheless, not a big issue :wink: thanks!!

Hello, I am having same issue with 4.8.2. I deleted above folders and created two other projects with different names, but I am still getting same error.

Hi Codesmith_K,

Yep, looks like fix missed 4.8 release. I just tested it in our most up-to-date 4.9 build, and couldn’t reproduce it there. If you’d like to test to be sure, please try it in a 4.9 promoted branch from GitHub and let us know if you see same issue there.

If you’re getting error for anything other than a project specifically named “GearVR”, please let me know. That may require a separate post with more details. Thanks!

And I apologize, it looks like it failed after all, just in a different place. I’ve entered another bug report for this (19266) and I’ll post here when I see an update. For now, please avoid calling your new C++ project “GearVR”. Thanks!

Hey ,

Just ran into this problem and found this thread. issue still exists as I called my project GearVR and it doesn’t work.

Thanks for update, BlueByLiquid. bug report is still open and I have not seen a change yet. I’ll be sure to post here when I do.