[4.7.4] Blocking volume getting corrupted

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I updated to 4.7.4, and today I noticed that one of my blocking volumes is corrupted, apparently. All the other ones seem ok. And I say apparently because it still collides as it should, and if you try to edit it or if you hide it and show it back within the world outliner, it restores its original form. But even if I save and reload my scene again, it turns back to its corrupted state. It seems to be simply a rendering problem.


You can see the corrupted state after I load my scene and how the volume should be. Notice how the vertices are actually always in their correct positions.


Hi PacoChan,

Did you update from 4.7.3 or did you update from a different engine version (4.6.1, for instance)?

Hi. I updated from 4.7.3. It was working fine there. And now this is happening to two more volumes. As I said, it seems to be only a visual problem, but it’s annoying.

Does this occur on a blank project with no additional content? We attempted this on our end but could not reproduce it internally.

No. And I’m trying to modify my scene to remove the rest of the objects so I can send it to you, but when I delete the other objects, it all works again for some reason. It’s like there’s something interfering with the volumes.

What other actors do you have in the level?

Static meshes, sounds, blueprint actors, particles. However, I found out that deleting the blueprint actors, it fixes the volumes. I’ll try to prepare a scene for you.

Hi. Here’s the project. I left the particles and blueprint actors, since deleting those, it fixes the problem. The blueprints have particles too. Maybe it is related to the particles? I don’t know. Here’s the project anyway.

link text

Hi PacoChan,

I opened the project in 4.7.5 and I do not see any error with the way the blocking volumes appear. Can you try in 4.7.5 and see if the error is still occurring for you?

Yes, it still happens to me. This is a capture just after opening the project with 4.7.5. It’s the same as with 4.7.4.

And I found out that deleting Saved\Config\Windows\EditorUserSettings.ini fixes it :confused:

Did you change any settings in the editor settings? Additionally what scalability settings are you using? This is what came in on my end:

I changed some things like having small icons on the toolbar, showing FPS and memory on the top-right corner, putting the content browser to the left as it was in previous versions, and not much more I think. Scalability settings I always have them at the maximum level. My PC can handle very well my scenes. In my actual scene, the problem got fixed magically before upgrading to 4.7.5. The stripped down version of the scene that I uploaded still has this problem. That ini file is constantly changing. Maybe there was something there that can cause conflict and now it isn’t there and that’s why my actual scene works ok now?

Unfortunately I’m not certain what could possibly have caused this. However I am happy to hear that it is no longer an issue for you in your main project. I will mark this thread as answered for tracking purposes for now. If this re-surfaces for you, please comment and let me know and I’ll continue trying to assist.