[4.7.3] Variables inside component not replicated


I’m trying to replicate a variable inside a component. But modifications are not visible in client side, only in server side.

To reproduce scenario with Third Person template.

  1. Create a new component with a replicated variable;
  2. Attach component to ThirdPersonn character. Set as replicated;
  3. Check that ThirdPersonn character is also replicated.

I’m not using SetReplicate function available in blueprint, just check boxes in detail panel.

In my case, variable is not replicated inside component.

Am I missing something ?


Hi ,

This is a known issue in 4.7.3 as well as our internal build, reported here:

We have a bug report open for it (UE-10013), and I’ll post here when I see an update on it. I’ve also included your notes and increased community interest on it. Thanks for your report!