[4.7.3] Level streaming not working properly in multplayer

Hello, I’m trying to load and unload a streaming level for one player without affecting others.

According to this post, it should work, and it does, but only if this is not executed on the listen server
When using this on the listen server, the level is loaded/unloaded for all clients.

Hey Grogger,

The code for the LoadStreamLevel node uses the FStreamLevelAction class to manage loading the level, and then that class will tell all player controllers to load it as well. This means when it’s called from the Server, all Clients will be told automatically to do the same thing. Aside from removing that bit from the class via code, that’s how the node will work.

You can get around this in Blueprints by using the Should Be Loaded and Should Be Visible nodes instead, like so:

Hope that helps!

Ohh I see! I had played around with those values originally, but I had clearly missed something, because it’s working now.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: