[4.7.3] Broken Rolling Template

When create a new Project using as base the Rolling Template C++, at start for first time, give a msg error, and if press start don’t have ball or other things, only the base map.

Msg Error: Default Property warnings and errors:
Error: CDO Constructor (MyProjectName): Failed to find /Game/Meshes/BallMesh.BallMesh

Using 4.7.3 from the Epic launcher.

*Is creating duplicated .cpp / .h files with the same name in the root and in Private/ & Public/ with different code.

Hi ,

I tried this on my end but was unable to reproduce this error. Delete the project you just made and try from scratch to create a new one. When you do, make sure to compile your code before opening the project, see if that makes a difference in the error.

Its created from 0.
An error from the pre-release files ?

Removed the 4.7 folder + backups, downloaded and now work fine, generate the project and don’t give errors.