[4.7.2] generate lightmap uvs

I’m using UE 4.7.2 and im trying to import an FBX file with currently only one UV channel and get Unreal to autogenerate the 2nd UV channel with the lightmap data.

However no matter how i change the import settings i can’t seem to get unreal to generate the 2nd UV channel with the lightmap data. (bGenerateLightmapUVs is checked)

i have attached the file for the case the bug is specific to this FBX.


Have you tried generating UV’s in static mesh editor after you import the mesh?

yes, I changed the build settings in the static mesh editor but that didn’t have any effect sadly. (generate lightmap UVs source lightmap index and destination lightmap index). The static mesh editor only displays one UV channel (UV Channel 0).

Hey pragmascript -

Your Min Lightmap Resolution is set by default to low for such a massive asset. You can increase the Min Lightmap Resolution to 256 with Generate Lightmap UVs set to True and Apply Changes and you will get your second UV Channel.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thanks :slight_smile: that worked.

thanks for this!!!