4.7.0.p7 Fatal crash after HotReload

If changing a property from: UPROPERTY() to UPROPERTY(Config) for 2 properties and then doing a HotReload I get this fatal error:
I ran it with VisualStudio.

		// Temporary: If the object we found is of a different class, allow the object to be allocated.
		// This breaks new UObject assumptions and these need to be fixed.
		if (Obj && !Obj->GetClass()->IsChildOf(InClass))
			UE_LOG(LogUObjectGlobals, Fatal,
				TEXT("Objects have the same fully qualified name but different paths.\n")
				TEXT("\tNew Object: %s %s.%s\n")
				TEXT("\tExisting Object: %s"),
				*InClass->GetName(), InOuter ? *InOuter->GetPathName() : TEXT(""), *InName.ToString(),

Btw. As of 4.7 HotReload crashes in VS much more often than 4.6.1. But this is just a general notice.