4.6 Shootergame VFX FPS drop from 105 to 70

In the Shootergame if play in the editor and press f11 to fullscreen/window and move to the front of a wall with bullet impacts, if shoot to the wall i got a drop of 30 or more fps (from 110-99 to 75-65) in 1080p at 60hz with a 780GTX.

Hello Hevedy,

I have attempted to reproduce your bug, but with no success. Would you mind providing me with your dxdiag so I can take a closer look at your system specs?

I could possibly be doing this in a different way than you are, but I created a new FPS project in version 4.6 and pressed PIE (play in editor). I then went into fullscreen mode and noticed I actually had an increase in FPS compared to the viewport alone. I ran up to every wall and object and shot the projectile multiple times with no notable frame loss.

Let me know if my steps differ from yours in any way so we can figure why this issue is occurring.


Andrew Hurley

I essentially did a wall crawl and slid against the walls of the entire map and shot the gun so the projectiles were not visibly coming out of the gun. In other words, my gun barrel was in the walls. I still had no drop in frame rate. I did not change the map at all and left it in the default state when playing.

This looks like more a problem with effects and decals.
Look this link image

But if shoot at 3m no problems (max 5fps - 10fps drops)

You need put close to a wall and non glass wall.
link text

Hey again Hevedy,

The important thing to note here is that your frames never drop below 60 fps, which is how the game itself was optimized. When you are point blank up against a wall and firing, you are producing a lot of rendering draw calls with the assets that you mentioned. i.e. the effects and decals.

This drop in frame rate is expected and has been accounted for, which is why no matter how much you fire, your frames will not drop below 60. What you are seeing is an intended functionality, and will not likely be changed in the future.

We do appreciate you taking the time to investigate and report this issue as it is something to notice.


Andrew Hurley

This is by the engine or by the game ?