4.6 ( particles) Color picker in Color over life

U cant change color in new color picker to range outside 0…1. U r suppose to use any value U want. It is new component in editor to propably input on editor is bugged.

Sth is messed up with lit particles ( not working - sth if it was made on previous versions it can keep working). //edit: It is working.


grr. world/local flag on velocity over life is not working. I suppose some1 should decide how it suppose to working…

Hi SatanicBlood,

The 0-1 scale covers the range of 0-255 for each color value, however scales it based on a percentage instead. You should be able to select any color you normally would from the 255 scale within the 0-1.

Up till now It enabled any range cuz it is often not just color. If u want some more complicated effects U have to use values greater than 1. eg. emmisive for explosions. am I suppose to use aditional multiply in shader? That would be stupid performace-wise and true nightmare when making. All this years in all unreal engines color over life enables us to pass any value to shader. All effects everywhere are using it with values greater than 1. What If I use it with world coordinates or sth.

I discussed this with a teammate who specializes in particle systems and can confirm this is a known issue and has been fixed as of our latest internal build. I apologize for my misunderstanding earlier. I do not have a timeframe of when the fix will be publically available, though if you would like to access it early, you can download the github master branch. For a work around, take the color over life and graph it. Select the point you want and right click. Use the “Set Value” option to set whatever number you wish the value to be. However, if you attempt to adjust the number in the details panel it will reset back to 1.

thx U very much!

Can U pls give us code for this fix? At least file or sth.

Hi SatanicBlood,

This fix should be available in the Master Branch on Github.

Hi Adam,
can you tell us which commit contains this fix?



Here is the commit for this issue:


Thanks you very much:)

It would be really nice if you could spell out your comments right, just a note, it’s not easy on the eyes seeing “u have to” or “cuz” :slight_smile:

Hey! There was an update to 4.6.1 and this was not fixed! What can I do?

HI everyone,

I deleted my previous post as it was dealing with the color picker, not color over life. I unfortunately do not have a timeframe of when this fix will be available. Please use the above steps to workaround this error until it is resolved. Additionally, you can get the master branch and have access to the fix in its current iteration by following the steps in the comments above.