4.6 GitSetup - does anyone have problems downloading dependencies?

Like these:

I can’t get anything to compile since the GitSetup showed up.

And today I run into yet another problem.

Just tried, stops at 50 % and says

failed to extract Engine/Binaries/Win64/symsrv.yes’: Incorrect hash value

Still early build though, no worries.

The branch has been made but no official announcement of a 4.6 preview yet. They usually accompany the release of a build with a blog post which is a way of letting us know that the dependencies are correct for that build. I’ve tried building a branch before that was on github and the dependencies weren’t up to date yet. I think wait and see until there is a post on the about it.

download and use ‘latest-preview-release’ dependencies. extract them to your install directory. then run the GitSetup.bat and it will only require about a 170mb download to update your dependencies.

Well that there is not official preview for 4.6 is completely beside the issue. I always use new branch as soon as it show up.
Someone must test it. eh ?

@up. Thanks. I tried before using dependencies from latest prewview but after running gitsetup i always had some error Ivalid something ;/ I will try again!

another thing you need to do is update the oculus sdk libs

Funnily enough I’d just got to that bit when it failed the compile process. I’m getting the libs as we speak.

And straight after replacing the libovr in the release folder, it compiled. Now booting up the 4.6 editor…

Bah. I just removed plugin. Works as well.

Yeah probably easier. The build succeeded but crashed on load with some oculus errors in the stack track. It might be to do with the fact that I’ve built the debug editor (because the release version wont build because of an IOS cmd line tool build error) and the build.cs file for oculus points to Release lib.

Guys do you know approximately when 4.6 will be out as you know that 4.5 was major one and there was a bit of a delay ?

Don’t know when, but in the video streams they talk like they aim for 4 til 6 weeks between releases.

This is a good estimation, however, since the developers are adding both more features and more stability, they have not disclosed a definite release date.

We’re still polishing off all these scripts, and decided to use the 4.6 branch as a good milestone to test and finish them. It’s still a work in progress though, so we haven’t advertised it widely. We’re iterating on them as fast as we can, and I think we’re almost there!

cool so Unreal Engine 5.0 will be here in mid 2015 then :wink: I bet there are some good features being held for that release.

There won’t 5.0 version.
4.10 will be after 4.9.