4.6 BUG - All Material Functions Stopped Working.

All my materials that relies on Material Funcions stopped work on upgrade to 4.6 (they were OK until 4.5.1).
I’m so much scared to work/think on any workaround… LOL

Any clue?

Additional Info: Materials were being used with UMG widgets, also were changed on material instance dynamics.

Make sure you post to the AnswerHub

Reported on Hub as you said.

Just in the case of someone more get on the same trouble, that’s a workaround:
It’s being caused by the Math “IF” Node usage, if you can get your functions to work without them, make a duplicate and remove them.

This is a really horrible regression and we’re getting it fixed ASAP. Thanks for being so specific (narrowing it down to the ‘if’ node), that always helps significantly in knowing how severe it is, and tracking it down.