4.5 UMG Widget Scale not working correctly!

Create UMG Widget → add something to it → select canvas panel and set Scale to 0.5 or something lower than 1.0 → zoom your view-> you will see that widget isn’t scaling correctly! A


Thank you for the report. I have filled out a report and passed along the information TTP# 349715.

EDIT/UPDATE: The link provided below is a link to the public tracker, where you can find the report for this issue. I would also like to mention that the issue has been resolved and the solution is currently planned to be available in the 4.17 Release of the engine. (Update made (06/27/17)) Please be sure to use the link provided for future updates in case of changes.

Link: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-4659)

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hi Rudy - there is another issue with Rotation and Scroll Box. If you add a rotated image to scroll box and move it up you will see that canvas will cut the texture before it is gone.


  • Create new widget with canvas and image inside it, rotate the image,
  • Create new widget, add a scroll box and insert the image widgets there - there should be couple of them so you can move up and down using the slider,
    -When you move up / down you will see that slate is cutting the graphics in wrong way - without dealing with the rotation. As shown in the image. The same occurs in game when you are scrolling down/up scroll box.



Thank you for the update, I was able to reproduce this issue on my end. I will add this information to the existing issue (Jira UE-4659 ).

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Thanks Rudy.

Is there any chance that you can ask Nick or someone that have lot of knowledge about UMG/Slate to let here know how this can be fixed in code? We are 1,5 week before soft release of a project that is using this functionality and without the fix we would need to redesign our UI or add more textures that are rotated (which we don’t want to do because build size is important for us)

Be grateful for help!


I have submitted an inquiry to the appropriate developers for any updates or changes on the state of the issue, as well as to the effect of the current cognizance of said developers.

Any news on this? We are still waiting with release the game because of this issue.


There are no current updates for this issue, however I spoke with a developer to make sure that they are aware of the issue. I do have a workaround that is a bit hacky if you would like to give it a try. This may or may not be a viable workaround for your game.

Possible workaround:

You could use the Translation section to adjust the bounding box of the widget so that it does not causing any clipping. I hope that this can be a viable solution for your situation.

Thanks Rudy, sadly provided workaround does not work fully. In best situation we could eliminate clipping from one side only (top or bottom).

This how image is set in our user widget.


And this is how it is seen in game when close to scroll box bottom edge (other weapon, same size).

Any update on this Rudy?


I have an idea for using a similar method as the workaround I suggested before. It will take a little more work but could potentially be viable.

You will need to resize the image until it is the correct shape and size (Only worry about the correct shape and size of the bounding box. Don’t worry about the image getting messed up.) You will then use a mixture of the translate tool along with the scaling option to get the look that you want and the position of the bounding box correct.

Here is an example:

On the left is the original image (with no modifications) and on the right is the image after the suggested changes.

It should look similar to this when you are finished. (Notice the position of the bounding box. The white diamonds. )


I hope this helps.

I have the exact same issue with a custom sized canvas panel cropping off a line of text that I want to rotate vertically. I’ve tried all sorts of clever workarounds but no success to get this to work reliably.


It would be useful to have a horizontal or vertical orientation control similar to the slider or progress bar. Or secondly, a control on all panels to control clipping of its child objects. Or perhaps just, fix the way render transforms work, so at least there is a method that will work even if not so elegantly. (I really dislike how the bounding box is oriented differently than the render transform, its hard to work with as well) I vote for all three options, allowing us to control more completely how we set things up.

I’m glad this is a known Issue though! Thanks for your help in advance!

-Jason Wilhelm

Hi Rudy,
Sorry to bother but are there any more updates related to this?

Hello CrumblyCake,

It’s no bother, I went ahead and double checked on this issue for you and the status has not yet been updated to fixed. However, it does appear that this issue’s priority has been bumped up. I will be sure to bump up the community interest for this issue as well.

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Any Updates on this?
It’s more than half a year and still nothing…
It’s a pretty obvious problem once you start using rotation with any widgets, which i think is a basic requirement for something like UMG.

Hello Lirrec,

I went ahead and double checked on this issue for you. This issue has not been updated to fixed as of yet. I went ahead and bumped up the community interest for this issue. Thank you for your time and information.

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This issue has not been updated to fixed as of yet.I think is a basic requirement for something like UMG too…

I’m having the same issue. I’m scaling a UMG widget and it is getting clipped as though it was unscaled. For instance if you scale the widget down and it is near the edge of the screen, the widget will start to clip prematurely.

Hello MarcusHays,

Thank you for your interest in this issue, I will be sure to bump up the community interest for this issue. Thank you for your information and time.

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I’m facing this problem too. Please fix this, I think is important for many use cases. Thank you.