4.5 skin shader not compatible with VR?

It looks like the screen-space SSS skin shader isn’t working with the Oculus (I’m on the DK2). Whenever I’m looking at something in VR that has the skin shader, all scene materials go black. When I look away from any objects with the skin shader, all scene materials go back to normal. I imagine this is a bug with how the screen-space solution is working for stereo. Any idea if this can be fixed?

Hi 3DLight,

Can you please post this to the AnswerHub in the “Bug” section? Make sure to provide as much information as possible.

Once this is posted we can make sure to assign this out to be verified as a bug by one of our support staff. Also, be sure to post the link for your AnswerHub post here for coverage in the event someone else has the same issue.

Thank you!


Already did… though it was in the Rendering Section. I just changed it to Bug Reports:

Any progress on getting the new skin shader to work in VR?